Messy hair, yes, I care!


Today I had an appointment at the hairdresser, as I said in my previous post and I’m really lazy about those things, but I have a valid point to all this laziness.

I spent three hours and thirty minutes, to be more precise, there. Three hours!

It’s worthy, I know, because I save a lot of time in my mornings or I can have the option to use my hair loose, which I usually don’t because it’s extremely messy, but I still don’t really like spending my day at the hairdresser. The result was good, though.

I’ve just returned home and I’m going to have lunch in some minutes. I was playing with my dog (who is the cutest thing) and she’s so sweet! Always a good company.

Today I’ll have ballet class, after some hiatus while I was sick and waiting for my answer from the university, and I tried to see if I had a place at the Municipal Theatre ballet classes, but I have no idea how they are going to call the people on the wait list, there’s nothing specified on the website, but I’ll see how I can manage it.

I’ll try to be productive today and do some researches.

Hope you have a nice Monday!


Arissa Ayumi

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