Don’t panic, you just have to do everything at the same time


Yes. That’s me right now.

I’m pretty lost, confused and I feel like I need much more information that I have.

Today I’m responsible for solving visa and university issues, but I was in need of finishing my Uni inscription so I could receive my acceptance letter and send all the documents to the Consulate.

Turn out the website wasn’t working and I had to call to Portugal. I was a bit afraid I wasn’t going to be able to understand what they were saying (because their accent is extremely different from ours. Something like USA and UK comparatives in English) but it was fine and it was a system problem they were already solving. I was supposed to just finish it tomorrow then, but when I entered the site, aafter lunch, it was already working.

I had to chose the subjects I was going to study and I was confused, because I don’t really know how to deal with these credits and they had first and second semester subjects and all years topics together. I didn’t know if I was supposed to chose just one semester or what, so I just completed the 60 credits and an extra I can study. For this one, I chose German 1, since I already have French in my regular course (and political science and so on).

Right now I’ve sent them an email, because I started doubting when they were going to start class, because every single place I look is written 2017/2018, and as it’s an european institution, they start their year in September, but I’m aiming to start studying, like, right now. In the other University I was accepted, I can start now, in the end of February, so, I’m pretty unsure if I’m going to start at this one and then transfer for the one I want or wait until September (which I don’t want to) or what I’m going to do. I really don’t want to miss another semester.

While I try to figure out this, I have to put all necessary documents together, so I can send them to the Consulate, but I still need my acceptance letter and all the information that come together with it so I can finish the process. I have my hangs tied.

With all this on my mind, there are still a lot of messages I need to answer from family and friends congratulating me, which is really nice and I’m really enjoying that beautiful vibe from all these special people in my life, but I need to learn how to manage it.

Also, people are asking for meeting them before I go and this is a matter I’m pretty bad at because I never know where to took people and how to schedule meetings, but I guess I’ll have to think fast and organize myself first, for everything, so I can think clear and don’t forget anything.

I guess I’ll try to do this right now. I’m trying to not be all stressed out and be calm so I can understand what I’m doing.

Hope you have a lovely day!


Arissa Ayumi

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