Hey there!

The reason I haven’t written a thing during all these past days is that I was really sick. I took two wisdom teeth off, which made me feel and look swollen for a few days, also, I had to take an antibiothic, which combined with the one I was already taking for the sinusitis, had a side effect and was too much for my intestine. Now it’s hurt and I had some days I had some pain crises, which was terrible.

I’m now recovering because I don’t have to take any other antibiothics, but I had some migraines too and they made me feel really sick . There was a day when my blood pressure dropped too. Bad days for my health…

These past few days were days I was pretty lost, because I didn’t know if I was going to ballet or what I was going to do with my life. Everything in my life was depending on my University response. I didn’t go to ballet any of these days because I was sick and I had to wait for this answer, to not pay to whole month and do just a few classes. I miss ballet very much though, my friends, teachers and class. My body is desperately in need of exercise, although I did two swimming classes with my mom today.

I also didn’t do any workouts or stretching, just feet exercises, because of sickness. Tough days…

So, the AMAZING news are:


Plus: I’m the greatest grade/score of the whole approved list.

I’m waiting the answer for the other one, which they changed the results dates two times. It was supposed to be January 30th, then February 6th, and now tomorrow, February 8th.

Also, I applied for Escola de Dança de São Paulo (Dance School of São Paulo). It’s the free courses for adults of the Muncipal Theatre, and it was all online I’m the third in the wait list. It’s amazing, but I’m going to enjoy this another time. I’m really looking foward for University right now!

I applied for Political Science and International Relations in this University I was approved and International Relations in the other one I’m waiting the answer and I’m really excited about this course!

I have A LOT to do right now. Visa stuff and so on.

I’ll probably start some posts in Portuguese, and English as well, about my new advetures and experiences, because I see a lot of people who have thousands of doubts about going to study in Portugal, since now some of their universities accept our National Exams (ENEM), just like me. I searched on different websites, blogs and videos and I’m glad I could find some information, but there are a lot more to be made clear. My parents, for example, love to read information about the place with me, it’s nice and they know they are not putting their daughter somewhere dangerous or suspicious.

I guess that’s all.

I’m really happy!

Hope you have a lovely and happy week,

Arissa Ayumi

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