One more surgery


I can’t really believe I’ll have to do this once more. I hate surgeries (who doens’t?). This one is a smaller one, though.

I have an appointment at the dentist today, the same one who did my mouth surgery, and he’ll take off two of my wisdom teeth. I’m trying to be calm, but I’m already panicking with that idea of being awake (but properly anesthetized) while he’ll be doing that procedure.

I have some stuff to solve today and I won’t be able to go to the contemporary class at my studio today, due to this surgery. I’m not even sure if I can go to stretching class tomorrow morning, but I guess so. Let’s see.

I had an amazing ballet class yesterday, though. My teacher corrected a few things on me, which makes me very happy, and I could memorize the exercises (even though I guess they were already doing the adult RAD class and the musics were hard for me to follow and count). I missed two days of classes because of my sinusitis and fever, but now I’m back, even I’m still not completely cured.

I’m freaking out. Only four more hours until I be there in the dentist.

Wish me luck.


Arissa Ayumi

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