Hello there!

I guess it’s already time to talk about my new adventure, the next step for my financial independency and the very first as my own boss at my first job.

This is already so exciting and overwhelming at the same time. However, I’m loving it!

Merci is the name of my brand new,small company, run by myself, with the vital help of my parents and some great help from my brother sometimes, since he’s a tech genius and knows how to work with photoshop, kinds know a bit of photography and lights as well.

Right now, Merci is going to sell some ballet and dance inspired t-shirts with original designs, all created by me, and some decorations. But I have bigger plans for it in the future.

The reason I won’t  expand it so much right now is the fact that I’m going to study abroad soon (hope so) and my parents are going to be responsable for almost every single aspect of Merci, which will take part of their time as well. I’m planning to work on the online part, giving the clients the best service and attention, solving their doubts and creating new content, being responsible for the artistic and creative part as well. But mom and dad are going to deliver and do all the shipping burocracy.

I had this idea one year ago, at the beginning of 2016, and couln’t stop thinking about it. I firstly started thinking about working on something linked to the dance world, as it is my passion, so I started sewing some hair acessories and pointe bags, and skirts later, but I wasn’t selling anything by them, it wasn’t perfect enough to be sold, so I was using them myself.

I had this ideia of, one day, own my own ballet brand, and I started doing some lists and planning. I couldn’t stop thinking about it! I found this quote that became my motto: “If you can’t stop thinking about it, don’t stop working for it.”

I created a website at dawn, because I couldn’t sleep, thinking about that. It wasn’t my final work, and still is not, but I kept there. I was finally doing this becoming real, taking some form.


I was still thinking about it, but I entered in a slow down mode. I was a bit afraid of carry on with that, because I was actually going to invest on it, waste money, and I’m still not absolutely sure if it’s going to work or if people will like.

It was already June when I realized I could sell something else for ballet, because we have a lack of a lot of ballet and dance stuff here in Brazil, and I said it to my dad, who works with business, and he liked the idea very much. Here’s the point where I officially started my company. My dad said it was an amazing idea, and he still belives very much on it, and gave me a lot of support. Thanks to him, I met that confection where I’m doing my company’s t-shirts, and my mom drives me everywhere I need to, to the most far and crazy streets to paper stores and talk to her friends who works with paper and crafts.

I’m pretty proud of how far I’ve come and of all my draws and illustrations. I’ve learnt a lot about fabric, tags, Corel Draw, how you should email people or contact them in a professional level, all that business world stuff. I like it a lot!

But why Merci?

I wanted a “Thank you” name. I was between “Danke” and “Merci”. I thought about “Watari” or “Ayumi”, which are my last name and second name, but I prefered I word.

“Danke” is a strong name, but “Merci” is delicate and french, just like all the ballet steps names. So, Merci it is.

Also, the most important part of the name is that I always saw that thankfulness in every aspect of dance.

You are always thankful for your teachers, who are the main bridge to becoming a dancer and you spend a lot of time with them;

There’s also this silenced deal with your parents: they support you, financially and morally, go to competitions and shows, put ice on the bucket when you are almost not feeling your toes, and, in return, you work hard and try to achieve this dream. They don’t just pay dance classes, it’s all about giving you opportunities and happiness;

The audience. They are responsible for all the shows happening out there. That’s why we do the révérence. “Thank you audience, I’m thankful for every single person here watching, making this job possible”;

Your partner, who is a n important part of these dance life;

Your dance friends, thanks to dance you have these amazing people in your life.
“Thank you” is always present in dance, in ballet. It’s an exchange. The ballet dancer and the audience. The student and the teacher. The ballet student daughter/son and their parents. The ballerina and her partner. The ballet dancer and his partner. All dance friends, landing band-aids, skirts, Bobby pins and giving their friendship. You and you (who are always there, working and fighting, who have a healthy body to train).

Merci to you all.

That’s the message I want to transmit with this name.

I still have a lot to work on and so many things to learn, but I’m more than happy to be able to have this challenge in my life. I love you Merci, and I’ll work to make you a beautiful and respectful company.

That’s it for now. I’m sure I’ll write more about it in the future.

Thanks for the attention!


Arissa Ayumi


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