Don’t let your mind find out you’re sick

Good morning!

I’m feling sick these days, since Mostra Dança, because of the a/c in the rooms, which made a lot of other people sick too. I’m just waiting my mom finish some tasks so we can go to the hospital. I’m feeling my head heavy and it’s usually sinusitis, so we’ll ask dor a X-ray and see how goes. 

Because of that, I feel sleepy all time and most of time, I feel realy sick and lazy, which makes me unproductive the whole day. It’s a mind thing, I believe. Even in that condition, if you try to be productive or at least not let it let you down, it will make you feel physically and mentally better (at least that works for me). Specially when I talking about a cold, like I probably have now, which drove me to sinusitis.

Today is a good way for me start thinking positively, even I’m sick. I woke up with a bright day and a beautiful sun and blue sky, at 7h, because me and my dad had an appointment at the dentist. Since it’s near home, we went by walk, at this peaceful and beautiful day and when we arrived home, we went for a walk with our dogs. 

I have a pretty strong headache on my right head side right now, but I’ll head to the hospital and then, I’ll stamp my company’s t-shirts with my mom. I hope today will be a better day for my health.

Counting down: 13 days until my University application results! (It’s now on February 6th, according to the new calendar they posted yesterday).

Hope you have a brightful and beautiful day.


Arissa Ayumi

2 thoughts on “Don’t let your mind find out you’re sick

    • arissaayumi 25 de January de 2017 / 13:42

      I’m already feeling better, thanks to some antibiothics I have to take. Thank you very much, means a lot! Have a wonderful day! 🙂


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