Mostra Dança – last day


It’s almost over!

It’s been really dificult to really update the S.I. posts while it is happening, because I arrive late home and practically just eat, shower and go to sleep. So, I’ve been programating it to the correct days, I write then later but publish them the days they were supposed to be. I like to see them in the correct chronological order.

13:10: I had two classes, ballet and variation class, both with teacher Galina, where we finished the Ondine duo (which I finally found on youtube, on Vaganova’s 2016 show). I was physically and mentally tired during variation class, so I did some of the first minutes of the class, then my migraine didn’t let me continue, I sat and watched the other girls doing the duo.

I just had lunch in a good per kilo restaurant with two friends and I’m happy I could finally eat a real meal again. I was just eating salt snacks during this week, since I was not feeling to well to being my meal packed from home.

I’ll have jazz and stretching and then we are going to have a small party to celebrate the end If the course and to receive outro certificates, then I’m going home and rest.

21:30: I’m already home, after a very exhausting time in bus and subway, it took forever to arrive home. I got my certificate and from my friend as well, which I’m going to deliver her tomorrow, since she wasn’t there today.

The little party went well. We had plenty of food everybody brought, salt and sweet stuff, which come in hand, I was starving!

They did a small prize draw, with some Só Dança prizes and my friend was a lucky girl and got some hair accessories, some other girls got T-shirts, flat shoes and leotards. They also announced the Joffrey Ballet Summer Intensive they made the partnership with and it’s coming for the first time outside US to Brazil, in October, and we, from the course, have preference in the subscription. They are also taking Mostra Dança to Orlando in the next years, and I was happy for them, bacuse they are such amazing people growing professionally with this S.I. Now they are the official partners of The Boston Ballet and Joffrey Ballet.

They delivered the certificates and we said good bye to each other, we were practically a family by then, even most of us wasn’t really talking to every single person of our group, and there were some people who just was there to show themselves. It doens’t really matter. We were doing classes and dancing together for 10 days, for almost eight hours everyday.

I was exhausted by the end of the course, but I’m so happy and glad I could be there, learning that much and knowing so many different people and amazing teachers. It was definitely worthy.

Finally, I will be able to rest a bit. It’s time for thinking and wait for my University results! (January 30th!)

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


Arissa Ayumi

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