Mostra Dança – day 8


My Ballet Summer Intensive is almost over, only remains two days…

I’m mentally exhausted during this second week, but I’ve really been pushing myself through my weaknesses and lazyness, because I’m learning a lot, dancing a lot, knowing a lot of different new people and having a lot of fun as well. It’s been a great experience.

When I arrived, I did my normal warm up and when I was almost warmed I watched some of my colleagues doing a small arabesque and jump photoshoot for the Joffrey Ballet Audition, I helped them with some stuff, it was nice.

I found out that not only half of the people from my group is sick, but almost half of the entire course. Everybody or have a sore throat or a running nose (I have both), due to the air conditioner we have in the classrooms. It’s bad to turn them on because of that, but it’s also bad to not turn it on because we have classes in these rooms that turn to be small to the amount of people inside, it turns really hot during and after classes.

About my day:

I did all the four classes again, starting with Ballet, as usual, with teacher José, from Argentina. It was a great class! He taught us about look excited or at least happy you are there, not to look like a dead person who someone forgot to bury. We (me and my friends) noticed that we (everybody) has an enormous lack of expressions in our faces during classes, because every single teacher, until now, said it to us, that we have to enjoy and to look like you are enjoying the class, it’s not just technique that matters.

My second class was Pointe with Stefania, she’s one of the founders of the S.I., Bolshoi Brasil former ballerina, and I was tired, but loved every single second of this class! She was so enlighted and positive! She kept saying to us that we need to believe in ourselves, otherwise, if we not believe, who will? If you try to do a pirouette with thta face and attitude of someone who can’t do a thing, you probably won’t do it, and the teachers/audience also won’t belive you can.

Stefania – she said “great job during class” – after this photo.

I want to take her words and kindness for my life.

She always tries to remember everybody’s names, she looked at us as an individual at class, pointing the things that we could do, our little improvements, saying that ballet is dedication, is not something that comes right now or by tomorrow. You have to be persistent and work hard. If you improve, just a tiny, little bit today, you keep it, be happy for you and work harder to achieve another small improvement tomorrow. I loved her attitude, her words, her class! She also said a lot of things about expressions: “don’t dance like you feel sorry for yourself, if you enjoy it, show it”.

“You can!, Stefania said. “I can” – I thought.

She gaves us a ballance challenge en pointe, starting at fifth position, pliéing and doing a sous sous with the front foot in coupé, we had to be there for at least 2 counts, during the whole sequence (it was a simple one), the balance and control were the challenge. I could do it, I was one of the few people who could do it, not completely though, but two times I made it. It’s all about the way you think. Thank you Stefania! Now, more than ever, I know I can!

Well, I look tired in this photo and I really was, but it was so worthy!

(Plus there are all those unnecessary thoughts about my nose, that I don’t like it, blah, blah, blah. I know it can’t be changed back, but I want my old nose back so bad)

There was a small thing during lunch. I bought a potato bread filled with creamy cheese and, when I bit it was chicken…

I didn’t eat it, I returned it and said I was a vegetarian (I was feeling really sorry about having wasted their product), and the lady from the cafeteria kindly trade for a new one I wanted, I chose a whole bread with broccoli (I know it sounds weird, but it tastes so good!).

After that we had [stage] Make Up practical class. It was a lot of fun, even though I forgot a lot of makeup home, because I had done my bag days before the corse start, so me and my mom used some itens and never returned for my course bag. Some girls from my class sat near me in the mirror and we were chatting during the practice, they are really nice and I leanrt a lot and had fun.

Lastly we had Jazz, it was nice as well, my second class in my whole life. The teacher is really nice, he also said about expressions and to show moviments like you are feeling it – not just moving around while there’s music playing.

Teacher André – Jazz. Look how more presentable I look after make up class haha

After that I change clothes and went back home. It was raining. Aryssa was going to take the the same bus point as me, so we walked until there together and were chatting during bus and subway. I could just thing sometimes how interesting was that, Arissa and Aryssa (same pronunciation) walking and talking together. It’s not a common name, that’s why is so much coincidence.

I should sleep right now, I still have two entire days.


Arissa Ayumi















2 thoughts on “Mostra Dança – day 8

  1. imitationballerina 20 de January de 2017 / 12:30

    It totally makes all the difference when you have a teacher that believes in you!

    I love the outfits you wore by the way! So stylish 🙂


    • arissaayumi 22 de January de 2017 / 22:43

      Yes, definitely! She was lovely and I feel like I want to share her words with everybody!
      Thank you! It’s a new leotard I bought from a company I’m probably going to represent this year. Have a lovely day!

      Liked by 1 person

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