Mostra Dança – day 6 – sick day


Today I could made until the other side of the city, because I was feeling just a bit better. The sky was wonderful! Since the very first time I opened my window until we were in the traffic. It even had a small rainbow during the way. So beautiful!

I just changed contrast, light, things like that, because the original photo didn’t look like the real image I was seeing in my room. This one is more likely to the real one.

I was supposed to have Ballet, Pas de Deux, History of Dance and Musical Theatre, but I almost couldn’t do the whole first ballet class. When it came to center and diagonal I was feeling heavy and sick, so I decided to not do pas de deux, and rest a little bit. I watched the advanced class instead. I had lunch there and waited until my friends appear there. I haven’t seen my ballet school friend today and didn’t text her, but I’m almost sure she didn’t appear there.

After my lunch time was over, both of my s.i. friends headed to their jazz class, while I crossed the street and went to Dance History, though they had already started when I arrived , even the schedule paper said it was going to start at 14h00.

It was a wonderful class as usual. She taught us about some répértoires, showed us some parts of Giselle and gave legends to their pantomime, their gestures in the story, which was funny and interesting. Also, we leanrt about Marius Petipa, Ballets Russes and their huge importance to ballet dissemination in the world (including Maria Olenewa, who started the very first ballet school in Brazil – which exists until today at Rio de Janeiro – still one of the very best ballet schools in the country).

What I found particularly interesting was some facts about Giselle’s story: their hands in the position that would be placed in the coffin, after she dies; the fact that Albrecht don’t see her in the Pas de Deux of the second act, if you look closely, he don’t looks  to her face at first, because he can’t see her: she’s a ghost, that’s also why she uses the flowers, he can see them, so he can know where she is; the veil the willis use are not just because they are deceived brides, but from a study Queen Victoria ordered to the England’s scientists, to study about spirits. One of them, decided to study the materialization of the spirits, and according to the documents of these experiments, in the first fase of the materialization, just the veils appeared. So, it’s based at this rechearch.

I decided to return home after this class, I was really not feeling okay. So I skipped two classes today and could do two as well. Not bad, considering my poor physical condition right now.

I was still pretty unmotivated today, but now, even still sick, I’m already feeling more energized to keep going. Also, my classes at my ballet school start tomorrow. Miss my friends and my teacher!

Hope to have a full and positive day tomorrow, I’ll do my best!


Arissa Ayumi


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