Saturday! Mostra Dança – Day 5

Hello there!

I’m glad, but also kind of sad, that’s already Saturday. Time is passing so fast! I can hardly believe only remains 6 days of my Summer Intensive 😦

Because we are used to leave early, the traffic was good, due the fact most people don’t go to work on weekends, and my mom had to do a delivery in a neighborhood where my course is, me and my dad had to take this party deliver, composed by some cupcakes, a beautiful ballerina themed foundant cake and party sweets. The lady that ordered it talked a bit with us about ballet while we were waiting for the elevator, and she mentioned she knows Leticia Stock (!), the beautiful Royal Ballet brazilian soloist, since when she used to live in Brazil. That was wonderful, I’m a big fan of her! (and all brazilian ballet dancers dancing around the world.)

Ballet people here feel always really proud about our fellows dancing in dance companies in other parts of the world, because it’s such a difficult art to be dedicated here. People here really have talent, but appreciation and investiment are hard things to get in this country…

Today we finished earlier, starting with Dance History and finishing with Ballet, at 12h15. I loved Dance History so much! The teacher is so funny and she is a really dedicated historian! She used to integrate a dance company from another state here in Brazil, and now she has her own school, also, she’s one of the few Dance Historian in the world, which is nice, but also sad , because there are only a few people who really dedicated themselves for dance history. She taught us about some XIII and XIX centuries ballet stuff, the beginning of the Paris Opera, the origin of the basic positions, the arms (that came later) and some repertoire stories, such as La Silphide, since she gave an introduction of Romantism Era as well.

I had my last ballet class with Hannah and I’m happy to say that I’m learning to enjoy center and memorizing combinations and exercises is getting easier for me, even there are a lot of things to work on while on center or barre, such as expressions, arms, head, coordination , en dehors (turn out), but I’m happy with my improvements for now.

Already feels weird to have an entire free afternoon today and a free day tomorrow. I really need to rest my muscles though, my leg back is killing me every time I have to sit or walk on a slope (as my way on the subway demands). I thought about stretching or go to the gym, but I’m definitely not feeling well enough to do so, I will have a proper rest and relax all my poor muscles, so I can start this final week with all my dedication and streghts.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


Arissa Ayumi

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