Mostra Dança – Day 4


So, I’m a lucky girl! They found my cellphone and kept for me, I recovered it this morning. So happy!

I’m better now, but I have to take two differents antibiotics during five days, but my pain crises are getting lighter and I already feel better.

I started with ballet, as everyday, with Galina, our russian teacher, and I loved her class, her style, every single part of that class. She knows how she can work with the group, if we can follow the exercise, if it’s too hard, and if we don’t understant an exercise and do it all wrong, she explains again, step by step, the hands, the head, and restarts the song, so we can do it on the right way and work on everything we need to. She got angry sometimes, but I truly understand the reasons.


Also, she kept repeating “Alisgon”, which I understood by meaning “to the side”, when we had to do the steps on the side, like “de côte or à la seconde”, but I can’t find the russian translation and also don’t know how to correctly write this. One of the teachers that are doing the teachers course tried to explain to some gilrs that this means “to the side”, but then Galina said that was not completely correct. So I’m still not sure what that means, but we have to do the step to the side when she says Alisgon.

We were supposed to have Musical Theater again, but after 30 min of delay, our contemporary teacher came in and explained that someone hit the M.T. teacher’s car and he is fine, but had to solve that. So, we had contemporary instead. We rehearsed our regular choreography, and it’s getting so nice! Now I know almost all the moviments, I can really dance to it, and that’s great!

We stopped for lunch and I had lunch alone this time, since both of my colleagues went eat at another place. When I was almost finishing, my friend arrived and we could chat, which’s always good. Then, my colleagues arrived and we all went to our classes.

I found out that my level is actually called Intermediate I. There are four groups: Basic (group 4), Intermediate I (group 3), Intermediate II (group 2) and Advanced (group 1 – most known as the better dancers at the course). I’m at group 3 – Intermediate I and I’m actually glad I’m, because I’m learning a lot and I know I wouldn’t be able to follow completely the most advanced classes, so it fits perfectly to me.

My two last classes were Pointe Class – with Hannah, where she already kind of pre-selected the students that are more likely to pass the audition to the JBS that we are going to have at the end of the course. It’s not completely fair because there were some students from the most advanced class doing class with us, so of course she would repair on them, when she could be looking at another good student from my class and level(I’m not including myself on any of these options, because age + lack of technique + lack of expression). It’s good for these people, because they could be noticed, but it’s not fair with the people from intermediate I. Well…

We finished with Variation class – also with Galina – and we did it in the smaller room. Good part: it’s lighter because there are huge windows that receive the light of the sun. Bad part: So little space for a lot of people doing sissones fermé at the same time! We did Ondine duo again and I’m liking it, but I can’t find this anywhere in youtube! Some girls found, but it’s in russian (and they didn’t gave to me to try to read – they have no idea about my hidden language talent hehe I actually can read some russian). Galina always finish the class about 20 or 30 minutes before, so I could change and cross the street to see my friend’s contemporary class (she’s at the advanced), the class was really dynamic!

After that we could chat a lot while we were taking the bus and subway on our way home. It’s really a good way to finish thee busy days.

I wasn’t that destroyed, physically speaking, but I’m really sore. I need some rest for my muscles, but, at the same time, I don’t want time to pass because I’m loving this whole day dance life, even the most tiring days or the days I feel disappointed about my technique. I’m loving this S.I. so much!

I’ll have just two classes tomorrow  and then I can rest for an entire day and an afternoon. So much needed!


Arissa Ayumi

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