Mostra Dança – day 3


I have some bads news: I lost my cellphone and together with it my photo with Galina, one of my wonderful russian teachers D:

It’s probably not right yet, because I’ve realized I lost it today, in the subway, when my friend tried to call my number so I could find it in the mess my bag is. It wasn’t playing or vibrating. When we were doing the transhipment, she helped me to get part of my stuff off of my bag, but wasn’t there. I called the school where the summer intensive in happening and they didn’t find anything yet, but I gave my name and they said they will keep it if they find. I lost it when I was putting my things together to go home, right after my last class of the day. Tomorrow I’ll see  if I’ll be a lucky girl or a girl without a cellphone.

Also, I’m feeling sick since I started the course, and I’m heading to the hospital right now. I feel a deep pain/cramp on my belly and I’ll update this later.

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