Mostra Dança – Day 2


I’m so sore! 

My morning part was almost the same as yesterday, only that I did my bun in the car today. I arrived at the S.I. by 7:30, and my dad took me there again (yay!). He’s propably going to take me there all days, because it’s not too far from his work (good for me!).

I waited for some minutes in the cafeteria, while they were cleaning the room, then I went there to warm up and strech before the class start. It’s so nice to do this with a lot of other girls that also love dance and ballet! The environment is different, people do barre exercises, warm up, stretch, and during the class they are not always talking, but paying attention and trying to improve themselves, memorize the exercise, do everything in a correct posture, it’s exhilarating!

My first class today was ballet with teacher Carlla (she’s seriously one of the most elegant people I’ve ever seen) and it was amazing. She taught us how to correctly do tendus, pliés, arabesques, attitudes and how to work your en dehors in the correct way, all the general class correct posture. The center of her class was beautiful and surprisely easy to do and memorize, so we could work everything we’ve leanrt. It was really worthy, however, when her class ended, everything was hurting, my leg, back, and bones. The price of a good work.

The second class was variation with teacher Nikolai. He’s Russian and taught us Nikiya’s Death variation, it was nice. Nikolai knows little portuguese, so we based the class in key-words he knew and mimic, it worked. Most of the girls didn’t know much about this piece, I knew it because my teacher made us to study it and some other six or seven variations for 2015’s exam (and I got injured and couldn’t do the test, but I leanrt the variations), so, thank you teacher!!!

After this, it was getting difficult to bend over to take my bag. It was lunch time tough, I was going to have some rest (and eat). I sat with two friends, the one I knew from that another workshop and a girl we met yesterday. We ate, talked and then, when was 13h15 I decided to go upstairs to my classroom to warm up a bit (since I was a little afraid of injure myself or something like that – bacuse I was already sore). We have 1h30 min of lunch time, so we can also use it to stretch, practice and so on.

The fourth class was different. It was a pointe class, but the when it started, the teacher was Hannah, the representative the Joffrey Ballet, and she taught us some of the Balanchine Style. It is faster, the moviments are accurater and more precise than in Vaganova or Royal (I guess?), also, they have different arms and expressions. It is daring and beautiful and I loved it ❤ She picked me and other girl to translate some things to the students when she couldn’t remember the words. She spoke mostly in Spanish, using some Portuguese and English words sometimes. If I couldn’t reach the perfection of the Balanchine’s moviments, at least I was a decent translator, hehe.

Teacher Hannah – from Joffrey Ballet School

By that time, I was almost sure I had broken my right foot thumb. The bone there was hurting so bad! I was just thinking what I was going to do with all the other course days and how I was going to walk home. It kept hurting during variation, pointe and pas de deux classes. It’s still hurt, but much better. It happens that the box of my pointe shoes is apparently too narrow, and it’s in the very end of it, so it was pressing my bones there. I’ll see what I can do to solve this problem.

The fourth and last class was pas de deux with teacher José, from Argentina. It was nice, but the negative point is that I couldn’t hear most of what he was talking, because of the fan noise, we also couldn’t turn them off because we all were going to die of heat.

I head back home after that. By myself, because my friend texted me during lunch saying she couldn’t come. It was a tiring day, but really worthy. I leanrt a lot today. Hope I’ll be not too tired tomorrow. I’m going to sleep now.

(before I fall sleep: fun fact: There’s a girl with the same name as mine, but written with one different letter, she’s japanese as well. Such a nice coincidence!)

Hope you have a nice day!


Arissa Ayumi

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