Mostra Dança – day 1

Hello there!

Today’s my first day at the Summer Intensive and I woke up at 5 am, after waking up several times at 2 and 3 in the morning, dreaming about me being late.

My dad drove me here (yessss), so I didn’t need to take subway, 45 min bus and walk in a suspicious street to reach here, as I had to do yesterday, when I came to check my subscription. I arrived by 7:30. I had to deliver the SI people some papers at 8:30, so my dad kept waiting with me.

They started approximately at 9h, which they were supposed to, and gave some instructions. They divides the class in three groups (I was in the first one) so they could put everybody on their right techinique level group.

I was waiting to go the room and warm up when a woman I met during the class I had with Bruna and Erick (they are brazilian dancers at the Russian Bolshoi Ballet) came up and asked If I remember her (you can ask me If I know your complete name, birthday, any data, but, please don’t ask me to remember faces). I had a light impression that was from that class I knew her, so I said yes. Now I have a colleague and a friend, and an acquanitance from another ballet school I studied at, three people I know, all here.

Also, after they gave the instructions, a little boy came to me and asked what they said, because he could only speak spanish and was not understanding portuguese. I tried to reach all my spanish files in my head, but I could just think about french words. I spoke a nice portunhol though (just playing, it was awful). I even remembered some words like “clase” (class), “caje” (street) and “nombre” (name), mainly because my dad speaks spanish too, so he teaches a bit to us sometimes (and I leanrt a little at school as well). I discouvered that I’m awful at that idiom. I’ll definitely download Duolingo again and try to learn. You never know when you might need it.

I’m now waiting the people from the third group to waiting their class and I’ll update it as soon as I have time ir finish the day.

20h55 – I’m now home. I’m really tired, but it was a nice day. I had two classes after lunch, which were Contemporary and Musical Theatre (like Broadway). They were both nice, but I identified myself  more with contemporary. I guess M. T. is to much glam and sparkles to me, and I’m definitely not an actress (not even trying the hardest). It was interesting to see all the ballet students though, (which are approximately 50, just in my class) all classical, doing delicate arms and using their en dehors, trying to fit the more daring and free choreographics there (me included). It was a different experience and I liked it (just not the fact that the music is extremely high).

I was in two lists when it arrived, group 2 and group 3, I talked to the teacher and he said that I was actually at group 3, which means “not a beginner nor intermediate”, and I’m doing classes with a lot of 12/13 years old girls. There are only 3 boys in my class and the foreign boy sometimes takes place there too, but he’s in the advanced.

Update: now I talked more to the girls, I found out a lot of them are 15/16/17/18 years old, so I’m not the older there.

I got disappointed sometimes, because of the enourmous quantity of talented young girls, so I had to remember myself several times a day to not compare myself with them, since I “”””started”””” ballet 2/½ years ago and that I’m here to improve myself.

I’m trying to take less things possible at my bag, because it’s bad for my back and shoulders, also, it was really heavy to carry my bag throgh all the way home.

My friend is in the more advanced group, and she arrives just after lunch, so we don’t have classes together, but we can go back home together, which is also nice, since we don’t have to go alone and we can discuss our classes.

Tomorrow I’ll have four classical classes and I’m really looking foward to it.Let’s see how it goes.

I need to sleep!

Good night!


Arissa Ayumi

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