Audition day 

Yes, I thought I would be traumatized after these ballet final exams, but there’s me again, getting up at 5:25 am, having breakfast and heading to an audition at the Ballet Stagium.

I’m something between courageous and nonsense, so I said to myself: “why not?”. I decided it some days before, while I was on the beach, but I was just sure I was really going to yesterday, when I checked if my friend was going to. We decided to go. In the morning, I discovered that lack of ballet made me confuse about how to properly do a ballet bun (I had forgotten how was the sensation of using tights as well).

My dad took me there. The audition was going to start at 9 am, and I was there around 8:20. The building is ancient, in general, but it still preserves a golden atmosphere (if that makes sense), it’s the legendary Ballet Stagium afterall (45 years of existence and one of the very firsts in São Paulo). There are posters of shows and presentations of the past years, as well as pictures of the students of the school.

It’s not a huge building though, but, as I said, it has elegance on it. I entered in one of the founders of the company room’s to do my registration (where there are lots of trophies and certificates). She gave me number “44” and I entered the classroom.

I was trying to put my muscles to work again, doing some warm ups, when I saw my friend in the other barre. We were like, 10 minutes in that room and we hadn’t seen each other. We keep chatting a bit, but most doing our exercises. Both directors were there watching and the teachers who was going to give class firstly called one by one and asked how many years we were doing ballet. He (who’s a ballet dancer in the company) started class. We did a complete class: barre, center, diagonal and révérence. It took about 1h30.

In general, it was not so difficult for me to memorize (which I usually struggle with), but I still did some mistakes while executing, I still couldn’t close a perfect 5th position too. My left pirouettes on the barre were awful, but I tried really bad to keep my hips in place during rond de jambes. I guess fondu/développé was fine and I found out I’m bad doing pirouettes en dedans. I tried to keep my arms in place (which is good, because I often forgot about them). Center and diagonal are always the worst to me, I could manage some of them, but others were just terrible. I also have to improve balance (urgently). (Just to record what I need to work on)

When we finished, they called some numbers (my friend included) and asked them to do the révérence, the the called the whole second group (which I was) and asked us to do the same.

The headmaster said to us to sit down and started explaining that they weren’t looking for any talent or anything like that, they were looking for people with good technique level, dancers who would be able to follow the Company classes. All the people from the first révérence group were approves for the scholarship do to classes with the Company, but she said that she liked some of the people that were not approved as well, so she called some more numbers and  gave them scholarships to the Summer Intensive, and, if they improve by that time, she could think about taking them to have classes with the Company.

I wasn’t approved for any of these. Company or SI. But I wasn’t sad or anything, I wasn’t nervous during the whole audition as well, which is wonderdul for me, I guess. I was more mature during these after exams period and, also, I was going there just for the experience, so if I had passed, great, wonderul, dream coming true, but if not, it’s fine as well, I try other times and learn with the experience. Also, I was so extremely happy for my friend, that I wasn’t even caring about my result at that time. I mean, she is going to give a step foward in her career as a dancer and I see how much effort and love she put in ballet, I’m relieved we went there, it’s a great opportunity! So proud of her ❤

The Director said that the people who wasn’t approved for anything (aka me plus five or six other girls) needed to study a bit more, but she thanked all of us and was super elegant and kind. Well, that’s exactaly what I’m going to do, study more and enjoy every single second of the Summer Intensive I’m going to do (starting Tuesday!).

I didn’t take any photos of the place, just one of me and my friend after the audition. I’ll remember to put it here later.

I missed ballet so much! So great I could an amazing class and put my muscles to work again. Really excited for Tuesday and all the things I’ll learn and practice there.

After class, my dad was really supportive, asking me what I thought I could do better next time, what I need to improve and so on, it was really nice! We stopped in a Mechanic, because the tire was with a problem, and, after that, he stopped in front of the new Carlos Bakery (the one from Cake Boss, which Buddy Valastro is the main person). We decided to buy some sweets to my mom (since she works with that) and I bought a red fruits cheesecake + a red velvet cupcake. Too crowded, too many people taking pictures and too expensive as well. The cakes look good, but I haven’t tried, just after lunch. I took some photos too (what can I do? It’s for business, okay? Showing my mom the place hehe) but I deleted them after I showed them all, I haven’t even remebered my blog. But here’s some photos from Google:

Resultado de imagem para carlo's bakery bela cintra

Resultado de imagem para carlo's bakery bela cintra

I’m going to have pretty sweets for dessert today!

Hope you have a beautiful weekend!


Arissa Ayumi

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