São Luiz do Paraitinga

These are the photos from this small turist city in the state of São Paulo called São Luiz do Paraitinga.

We visited it in our way back home, after spending some great time in Ubatuba, at the beach.

My parents said that this town suffered with a huge flood in 2010, which destroyed almost the whole city. The waters from the river reached the roof of the houses and of the church located at the square. Even so, they already rebuilt almost everything. It’s a beautiful and peaceful town and I liked walked a bit for there. We were there for just 1 hour, but we could see practically everything. There are still plenty of nature adventures and hikes to do there, but we just wanted to do a quick visit to know the city.

(Brazilian historical fact: Oswaldo Cruz was born there. He was an important doctor responsable for different facts and achievements for the Brazilian science and history. Also Aziz Ab’Saber, an important geographer.)

I love to document small trips and quality time I spend with my family and friends.


Arissa Ayumi

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