Let the 2017 adventures begin

Hello 2017, you have arrived with good times and pleasant little adventures, I’ll do my best to keep it that way!

I woke up with my alimg_2273arm today, just like yesterday, at 7:10. I changed clothes, washed my face, put my sneakers and went out for a beach walk with my dad. We couldn’t see the sunrise, because it was a bit cloudy where the Sun was supposed to appear, but the sky was really nice in general.

It’s extremely hot here (Brazil in general). The walk was great. It’s always nice to breath a pure air, while you walk, watching the sea, the sky, stepping on the sand. We walked until the last house of the condominium we are in and then we went back, passed the house and walked a bit more until the small river, next to the mounts and the cross-country. It is so peaceful there! Birds singing and the sound of the river.

We returned home, and while my mom and brother was preparing breakfast, I did a small workout (I was going to say “warm up”, but at that time I was much more than warmed due the walk) and then we ate. (Yesterday I saved a bee during the morning walk, I felt great, and I really hope it survived after I left. Don’t ever lose the opportunity to make small good actions, it may be small for you, but of great importance for whom you helped).

Today we decided to go on an adventure. We do it everytime we come here and it’s always fun. We packed lots of drinks, some biscuits, our sneakers, crossed the river and started the track. It goes through the Woods, passing by different beaches, giant rocks and beautiful scenarios. It was so freaking hot! I could manage it tough, because we kind of got used to it during all the way we were there. No matter what you pass by in this way, it’s all worthy, for real. The scenarios and the beaches pays off the walk.

We arrived at the last beach and stayed there for some hours.

The tanned skin I proudly present now


It’s far away from everything, but it’s always full of people, because there are boats in the other beaches that take people there. The good part is that it makes possible a permanent structure, so we could buy pastéis (brazilian marvelous food) in the bar there. The bad point is that you have to hunt some place away from the Sun, since all tree’s shadows are already crowded of boats people, and we can’t take a beach umbrella, because it would be difficult to carry during the track.

When we were preparing to leave, mom and I stupidily made the unconscient decision of walking through the sand. Hot sand. Sand that was talking the light of a 35ºC Sun since the time it came out of the clouds. It was so hot I wanted to sit down and cry, then I remembered that if I sit there I would probably die of burning. A woman kindly told me to go to the river, but there was no way to walk there without stepping on that killer desert. I was on my sneakers by that time, they were full of my feet’s sand, but at that point I wasn’t even caring anymore, I just needed to survive.

My mom was in the other side, she couldn’t make to where I was, we were both desperate to get out of there. I decided to be brave and run as fast as I could to arrive to where my dad was, near to a piped water coming from a river near there. I was safe and without blisters (I found out how strong my feet’s skin actually is. It survives to everyday pointe work, but burning sand, that was a new one).

I went back through the track, just stopping in another beach, close to the end, to make some ballet pictures, while my mom and dad were collecting small rocks.I’m auto-critic, as always, to my pictures, but I think they are beautiful this time. I even made some edits to improve color and etc. These are the final results:

After that we went non-stop until the end/beginning of the track. We made it! And we all was in need of a bath urgently. sweating so much!

We had some salad when we arrived, since we had already eaten on the beach, and we spent the rest of the day resting. We walked a bit more at the end of the afternoon too and I really sleepy right now. It’s raining heavy right now, and there are some strong lightnings and thunders. I don’t want any energy dropp, because it’s all dark right now. Hopeful it’s gonna be alright.

I hope you have a wonderful year, don’t worry so much and be as happy as you can!

Love, love, love,

Arissa Ayumi


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