Soon you’ll be over. Merci beaucoup 2016!

I was trying to do a scorpion, since my mom wanted to take some photos. My dad was helping me. I couldn’t do it, but we laugh a lot and the pictures got like that. It was funny.


I took some days off of my cellphone and internet. Me and my family are on vacations! So, I’m writing this on the beach, on the deck, watching the heavy afternoon rain to fall. 

I love being here and I love how peaceful I feel right now. I feel safe outside the city, I can simply leave the house to walk in the morning, after lunch, or in late afternoon, I’m eating healthy, having plenty of water, meditating some times a day, breathing deeply fresh air and when it’s too hot (it’s reaching at least 32ºC every day), we can jump in the pool. My body is feeling it and my skin and hair look and feel wonderful. I LOVE it!

Also, I have hiperhidrosys, which means my body sweats a lot in some specific areas, naturally, every single time of the day. It’s awful. I did a small surgery some years ago, because it used to happens just on my hands, but to compensate, my body just transfered it to my feet. In the city, I use socks all time, but now, I don’t even need it. I can use flip flops now. It feels wonderful!

I’m not feeling nostalgic today and also I don’t feel like looking back right now. Probably because it’s too hot. But 2016 was a great year for me, it really was.
(I started writing and, suddenly, a huge necessity to look back urged, I’ll list what I’ve learnt in 2016):

I- I learnt a lot, about different things and also about myself;

II- I found out I don’t need to rush things all time and that I can take a deep breath and start again;

III- I improved my English and also my French (and even my German). I learnt cirilic as well (just to read russian ballet posts, of course);

 IV- I had more deep conversations with one of my best friends and talked more to older friends and people in general. 

V- I went to ballet festivals (aka competitions) and streghted my friendships in Ballet (which is amazing);

VI- I improved in ballet and gained much more confidence when dancing. Even when things got hard and I started feeling like giving up;

VII- I’ve learned that bad times are not forever, and talking to people helps a lot. So I also learnt that I don’t need to carry the world on my back and I can trust my friends, because they care;

VIII- It’s not easy to start a company (Yes, I started one! I’m going to tell more about that later), and it’s even harder to find good products providers, but it’s worthy;

IX- Hard work is always worth in the end;

X- Vegetarianism is a life changing decision and one of the very best I’ve ever made in my life;

XI- I’ve made some mistakes this year, but I leanrt that you need to move on and stop blaming yourself. That won’t change past or the situation. It’s ok and you won’t do it again;

XII- I love my granny (just to reforce, I already knew that);
XIII- you don’t have to be afraid of embarrase yourself. Just be you, life’s too short for these silly shyness;

XIV- I still love ballet so hard I could do it for my whole life (as a career, as a job, all time, everywhere);

XV- I love being alone and I still love my own company; 

XVI- It can be hard at the beginning, but you’ll manage it and learn it (like driving, which I haven’t completely mastered yet);

XVII- Studying abroad still is a wonderful plan and a dream to me, I want so bad to be approved at the Portuguese Universities I’ve applied for. Can’t wait to live that adventure and learn as much as I can;

XVIII- I’m forever grateful that my little precious Puppy could be saved from her disease;

XIX- I’ve visited the Municipal Theatre twice, and loved it. Also, I found out I like Opera and I still don’t fully understand contemporary ballet;

XX- People can really change in a year (aka my brother, a completely non-reader to an obsessed with reading and philosophy);

XXI- I don’t really like going to the gym, but it’s really good to warm myself up and then stretch as much as I want to;

XXII- life is short. Enjoy the little precious things and live yours the best way possible;

XXIII- nature is extremely important to me;

XXIV- It’s not that hard to keep a blog updated. It’s fun, actually;

XXV- my mom is funny and sweet, my dad is wise and kind and my brother is intelligent and sometimes understands me. I love my family so much!

XXVI- It takes a lot of Sun and effort so I can get a tiny, little tanned skin;

I want to make next year an incredible time. 2016 was a great one and I welcome 2017 to be a wonderful one.

I truly hope you’re having a great time, I couldn’t be happier here on the beach, with my family, having an entire new, fresh start. 

Happy New Year! May your year be filled with happiness, opportunities, love, success and peace (a great, strong feet and a good turn out and flexibility as well, If you’re a dancer).

Lots of love,

Arissa Ayumi

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