New Deco and pointe work

Hi, how are you today?

As I didn’t have ballet class or pas de deux this morning, due to vacations times, me, my dad and my brother went to the gym, where I did aerobics and stretched, as usual (actually, I need to change my training, but as I didn’t want to get injured when I was having more ballet classes – and because I don’t really like to train in the machines – I kept doing aerobics and just sitting there and doing my ballet streght and stretch stuff). When we arrived home, I did my feet exercises and also I did a great pointe work, I felt my weak left side was somehow better, and I could do relevés without suffering too much on the left. I practiced some ballonés on pointe as well, because I’m weak there too and I need to improve.

Right before lunch, I decided to try my vegan tarte recipe with nuts, because I needed good avocados, and I had to wait some days until the ones my mom bought were good enough. Well, the base was perfect, but the filling was awful! The avocado was weird, the ones we buy at the local fair are not like that, these from the supermarket are jut not as good… To not just throw the filling in my perfect base, I went to the atelier and got some chocolate chips. I melted in the microwave with some soy heavy cream and it was done! It is delicious! It’s not completely vegan tough, after this avocando problem, but it was really nice!

I may say I had a (kind of) different afternoon & evening today.

I spent a huge part of my afternoon in my home’s outside hall, listening to the rain, having some fresh air and enjoying the company of my dog, my love: Puppy, while I was watching a stunning Grand Pas de Deux from Giselle, from Vaganova Prix. I get addicted to some pas de deux sometimes, recently was Sugar Plum Fairy’s, then The Black Swan, and now I’m stuck in this beautiful Giselle gpdd with Soo Bin Lee. Her artistry is uncomparable!

Then, after going with my mom to the buffet, returned home to wait a client , me, my mom and my dad went to the neighborhood next to our to know the new Leroy Merlin home departament store. It’s a new centet they are opening. Leroy had inaugurated one of those past few days and there will be a supermarket on the second floor, and probably a Decathlon in the empty space outside. The store is really nice and I enjoyed the decoreations, furniture parts; the parts with tools are usually the most borings, so we just passed by these parts, looking some stuff we could be in need of.

We had a tea with milk at Rei do Mate, as we usually do, and my mom and dad also had some coffee. As I’m a bit lactose intolerant, me and my father always share this drink, so I don’t to drink it all and end up sick.

I bought this lovely “painting” there. I’m usually not very into waste money, but somethings are just worthy, or I have to be convince that they are worthy until I decided if I really want this item or if it will be just something more to occupy space in the house. I’m relieved that I bought it. It’s a lovely drawing from Paris and I love it!

Tomorrow’s Opera day!

Hope you have a nice Sunday,


Arissa Ayumi

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