The day I got my braces off


Hello World!

This glorious day arrived and I’m finally free! Yes, I don’t have to use braces anymore!

I’m not completely free tough, I still have to use another one that I can take off when I need to, but it’s so much better compared to the fixed braces…

Today’s a pretty normal day for me, it’s still 10:1o in the morning and I have an entire day ahead. I have tap class in the afternoon and I’ll do some stuff here, like organize my desk and study some french and german (and watch some ballet, as usual).

I will have some different programs during next week tough. On Sunday, I’m going to see Fosca (an Opera) at the Municipal Theatre (again at this wonderful place <3) with my family; Monday, 10h me and my ballet friends will have a visit and post evaluation of an official maître from the Royal Academy of Dance – RAD – so then can know which level we all are to then introduce the method to the school.  I’ll have a ballet exam  on Tuesday and my second practical driving test on Wednesday, since I’ve failed the first one because of silly mistakes of mine; and then our celebration party from my ballet studio in the evening, so we can officially finish the year and be on vacations.

Pretty busy week with lots of things to finish. Next stop: Christmas!

The thing about the end of the year is that I get pretty nostalgic and with a mix of happy for the next year but also kind of sad that this one ended so fast. (Also, annoyed with the fact the real summer is getting closer and we’ll all die in extremly high temperatures, I already can see all the mosquitos and insects appering – ugh! – sometimes drama is my middle name)

In the other hand, my dance Summer Intensive I’ll also happen next year and so will University and a lot of new exciting things and experiences, yay!

I’ll do my best to make things work today.

Hope you have a wonderful day!


Arissa Ayumi

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