Paulista walks


So, there we were again.

Me, my mom and my brother had a dermatologist appointment in one of those streets next to Paulista at 9 am.

It was funny , because my mom had forgotten the paper with the address home, but she kinf of knew the number of the place. When we arrived there, It didn’t appeared to be there and we went to the building before this one. She asked the recepcionist if she couldn’t find out and the lady kindly called like 3 dermatologists in the building. Then, my mom remembered the woman had called her the day before to confirm the appointment, so she called it back and asked the number of the building. It happens it really was the one we thought that didn’t looked like a clinic.

Moral of the story: Don’t ever forget the address kids, or you will be walking around like a headless chicken.

Done with that, we had time to walk it all, so we went to Livraria Cultura, this huge library in the picture and we spent some time there. Then e decided to go to Hirota Food, since my mom wanted to know there as me and my dad had recommended it, because we enjoyed the last time we went there.

In our way there, we stopped on Fnac, with some protest coming from me and my mom because of we had already been in the library before and the day was terrible hot (30 ºC – hot sun), my brother wanted to see electronics, so we spent some time there, I was tired enough to don’t even want to go upstairs to see all that book they have there (yes, I was really tired).

After that, we walked just one more block and we were already next to Hirota’s. We decided to have an early lunch there (it was around 11:50 am), since my mom was already starving. I had a colorful salad and some couscous with green tea with red berries, it was really nice, and they had japanese obentô. We all shared, again, this beautiful view of Paulista and all those people walking around.

Finished it, we took the subway and went straight way home.

I missed my last flamenco class of this year and the experimental Hip Hop class, but it’s all fine, because it was my brother’s High School graduation day. I knew almost no one of his class, since there are a hundred and something students just in the last year, but I knew the teachers that were the two patrons and the honored teacher, as well all the employees and almost all teachers there (that were also my teachers last year).

Colação de Grau Gab.jpg

There were some speeches, from the students and the teachers, a retrospective, two singers who sang Somewhere over the Rainbow and Tale as Old as Time – from the Beauty and the Beast in the beginning, but since it’s the same company that does all graduations parties I’ve ever went to, mine and my brother’s at 9th grade and then mine from High School last year and then my brother’s this year, we have all seen this before, like four times – they do the same for all of them. But the speeches were different, of course.

The teacher’s speeches were really nice, the students were a bit cliche, but also good. I mean, there’s almost nothing you can do to change it. It’s always talking about how they will miss it, all the friends they did there, the teachers, they also always say one or two jokes the teachers used to say in class, the experiences, the jokes, the morning they were there, all the tests they had to do and so on.

In general, it was a nice time. My brother is now free from High School and free to start a new year. He already was approved in some colleges, where he’s applying to the Publicity course.

We stopped in a restaurant near home to eat, around 23:30, but I just had a juice, and then we went home, I was so desperately tired that I just removed my make up, had a bath and went straight to bed and fell asleep.

That was my day, 30 ºC from the beginning until the end of the day, walks, ceremony and my lovely family.

Hope you have a nice time,


Arissa Ayumi

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