Weekend and a bruised thumb


Hello there!

I had wonderful saturday and a lovely sunday.

First of all, on saturday, we had a family friend’s party to go. It was on a pub and right after that I was going to my pas de deux teacher ballet graduation & show. The pub and the theatre were pretty near to each other, but then, when I was about to leave, a crazy rain started and I couldn’t go to the car, since it was a block and a half away from us.

I waited some minutes, I could even take the Happy Birthday to You and have a piece of cake, and then then rain got lighter, then me and my mom went to the car, where she left me at the theatre. I friend of mine, which was supposed to go and meet me there, texted me and told me she couldn’t go, so I entered and waited for some minutes, since my teacher had the tickets and was a little late because of the rain problem and he was already preparing to start his presentation inside the aisle/dressing room. I decided to go up the stairs and see what I was going to do, when I found his brother, who was my partner in our pas de trois in Alice’s show this year, and his mother. They were both really kind and they told me my ticket was with the lady who was taking care of the door and the whole ticket thing.

The ceremony started 30 min delayed (probably because of the rain), so everybody could arrive. And it was a real graduation ceremony, I wasn’t expecting that, I enjoyed it. I was extremely proud of my teacher. After they invited the family of each dance graduate, they showed a retrospective, their teachers said some words and then they danced some choreographies: ballet, jazz, street dance and so on. The first one was a Pas de Deux from Talisman, my teacher was in there and it was stunning, for real, it was so beautiful, so fluid, so wonderful. I was so proud of him! What a talented dancer!

It was already 19:40 and it finished. I was freezing cold because of the a/c and didn’t have a sweater or something because outside was a really hot day, I completely forgot about theatres a/c. They gave the audience 10 min until the start of the show (Cinderella) and I was there waiting when suddenly two people stopped right on my side. It was one of my friends and her friend!The one who went to the Municiapl Theatre with me. Firstly I was so confused, because I wasn’t expecting her to be there, but then she told be her friend’s cousin was going to present in that show too. So nice to see her there!I was really happy! They invited me to sat with them, which I accepted, since there was places there.

We could chat every break and it was so good they were both there. We could update ourselves with what was going on in our lives.

They changed some things in Cinderella’s story, so they could put everybody in the school to dance, it was nice, I had a great time.

I said congratulations to my teacher. He was absolutely amazing and deserved each palm o that audience. I had a wonderful time. My mom picked me up and we went home, where I made some popcorn for me (I was dying to eat that in the afternoon).

I spent my sunday in my garnny’s house and then we left around 6:30 pm. I was already home when I decided to strech a little bit. I warmed up myself a bit, did some exercises, and I trying to oversplit my middlesplits when I accidentally kind of fell over my thumb and it started to hurt really bad. My dad and my mom took ice to me and after that it got better. I’m still not sure if it’s 100%, because it’s still bruised and it hurts when I do some movements, but it hasn’t got any swollen or anything, I”ll see what happens, so I can decide if I’ll see a doctor to do a X-ray or not.

It was a long post to resume my weekend, hope it’s not tiring.

Hope you have a great week ahead!

Lots of love,

Arissa Ayumi

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