Back to normal – that means “work, work, work”

Hello there!

Today’s a pretty day with a beautiful blue sky and warm -but not too hot – sun.

I started my day early, as me and my mom had swimming class. It was good, but my glasses are really annoying, since they are always full of water. Also, I felt my left knee a bit weak and I had that feeling when it wants to click. It usually happens when I’m warming up, but never happened while I was swimming. It’s propably nothing.

My mom is coughting a lot these past few days, and a colleague from swimming class gave her some herbs from her house, it’s called Guaco . Even I had some tea  made with these, and tastes really good. I really thought that had a horrible taste, but it was the opposite.

Right now I’m part in the sun while I wait for the next mass of Bem Casados (which is wonderful, tasty brazilian sweet we have here, it literally traslation is “well-married” and it’s a tradition to serve it as a marriage gift). We have about 600 do to for this weekend. I’m responsible for the process after they are ready. Water with water and sugar, throw cold sugar, wrap with cellophane, wrap with crepe paper and give to my mom make the ribbon. We mix sometimes or do it all together. I’m horrible doing ribbons, so I just do it in an emergence.

Tonight I have balet class. We’re backing to normal schedule this week, I had class saturday at 8 am and then I had a wonderful pas de deux class at 9 am, finishing at 10 am, then I went home by walk. We were supposed to be back yesterday, but we are just four girls in this class right now, and two of them couldn’t be there because of school and college times, so we’re going to do this class every week on Tuesday’s nights, normal for the other days and the Tuesday afternoon classes are going to be on Thurday’s nights. So, Thurdays is going to be the day we have two classes.

Something new! My teacher was invited to do the choreography of a great Samba School at next year’s Carnaval and she said to us she was in need of at least 10 of us. Of course I wanted to. I’m already looking foward to that!

Also, my mom had a free day at Sunday and the energy was going to be cutted in our neighborhood from 9:00 until 15:00, so we all decided to go to an Outlet we go sometimes. It was a really nice day, I had some roasted potatoes filled with a lot of salad, tomatoes and white cheese and we walked a lot. It was a bit difficult to find a place to park there, but once we did we could walk everywhere. A lot changed there since we went in the last time, but the thing is there’s not a real Outlet, like in the US, with tons of sales and discounts, it’s more like an outdoor shopping with regular prices and products and some tiny discounts. But it was a great day!

The only shopping I’ve been doing sometimes is online, and one of the goods I bought arrived some days ago, it is a extremely comfortable yoga pants. I already love it!

The mass is ready and I’m going to help there. Hope you have a nice day!


Arissa Ayumi

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