Photo day


Today was a pretty ordinary day, I did some online stuff I had to do, I studied two modules of my French online course, did some feet work with my theraband, went to English class in the afternoon and now I’ve just returned from my ballet school. Today was the day we were going to be able to see and buy the photos from the show.

I got a bit upset with some of them, I kind of ruined almost half of my photos due poor arms and hands and some really bad pointe (left side, as expected) and my face as well. I think my face hasn’t completely recovered from my mouth surgery, so I still have a tiny part that is swollen. My nose changed too, and that’s something that I hated as a post surgery result, because I used to love my thin nose and face, my chin was the only problem. (Can I born again?). I know it’s such small and selfish problems, I really do.

Well, I’ll stop complaining because I really had a really great time during this show, and the costumes were wonderful as well!

I’ll just post photos with me, because I prefer to ask people before using them in a public online post, and as I believe nobody knows about my blog, I won’t post them. Here’s the result and some of the photos I liked the most:

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