Holiday and ballet work

Hello there!

I’m still feeling the post ballet show aftereffects and I definitely need a massage. Let’s see if I can schedule one.

As it’s a holiday today in Brazil (Proclamation of the Republic), I don’t have ballet classes until tomorrow. which means I’m already three days without ballet. Tough times.

I’m going to the gym though (doing back, abs, hips and splits exercises) and doing feet exercises every day. I improved a lot using the turnboard in these few days. I couldn’t do two perfect prouettes without boucing, now I can! I feel like I’m improving a lot with this practice.

My main goals this year is to definitely be able do to two perfect pirouettes en pointe, learn to do at least some good fouèttes and have more strenght in both feet, but specially on the left side. Also, a higher arabesque is always welcome (if anyone have any tips for that, it would be very much appreciated – mine usually don’t reach not even 90º)


In this picture, it’s possible to see how weak my left foot is and how much I still need to work to get a higher middle pointe, but, also, how my lines are getting better with all the feet work I’ve been doing. (The light was great when I took this photo btw.)

Today’s a gray day with some sun sometimes, fall weather in spring season.

I’ll probably see The Flash later with my dad, but right now I will read a book (What’s Art -Leon Tostói).

Hope you have a great week, I’ll spent the rest of mine resting in this cozy weather.


Arissa Ayumi

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