Municipal Theatre


Hello Sunday, you look so gray today!

Today I decided to change a bit and do a different program than I use to. About two months ago, me and my friend bought tickets to watch the Nutcracker in the Municipal Theatre, because of the ballet, but also because we lived in São Paulo since forever and have never visited the inside of the theatre. Also, she’s studying architecture and she ADORES that.

My dad took us to the subway, where we continue for about seven stations until we get there and we went to the wrong exit. You can go to the Theatre by both, but the one we get out was kind more dangerous than the other one, since it goes behind the bridge and the theatre. We both were pretty scaried when a group with about four men jumped right in time we were passing by and then we started walking faster and faster (bad for me, who was using high [not so high] heels). We were pretty sure they did it just to scary us.

We made to the Theatre and entered the ticket office to ask if we needed to change our printed tickets by a “real” one. The funny part was that the man who answered me looked exactly like Wolverine, the hair, the beard, everything. He said the printed tickets could be presented to the lady checking tickets, we didn’t need to change anything.

Rained all day, before the subway, after the subway, while we were waiting in the line, when we were leaving the theatre. It was a pretty light rain though.

We found our other friend we we entered the main room. We took some photos of it and of us as well. The Theatre is wonderful. I don’t believe any ancient building can be compared to others, but I can assure you it don’t lose in anything to the Ópera de Paris, of course it is simpler, without all that chandeliers and the golden painting, but it is as stunning as Europe theatres.

About the Nutcracker: it wasn’t the classical one. I thought is was when I bought it, and I believe most of people there too. It happens some days after me and everybody bought the tickets and it went sold out, I saw a post in a Dance page I follow on Facebook talking about the success of the contemporary production Quebratchovisk (Quebra Nozes is The Nutcracker in portuguese, mixed with Tchaikovsky). I then discouvered we were going to watch this, not the classical production.

It talks about the cellphones, tvs, series craze nowadays and how we become stuck in these little boxes, being away of reality or our lives. It was a really nice critic and reflexion. I enjoyed the show, but I got confused in some parts. I guess I still need to study more contemporary productions.

Knowing the inside of the Theatre was wonderful. Really. We all had a nice time, it’s always good the meet my friends.

Since we haven’t seen the classical we wanted to, I will probably buy a ticket to one avaiable in town.

I had a really nice time, hope you have a great one too,


Arissa Ayumi

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