11/11 – Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland Show

A beautiful photo my friend took from the audience. Just ignore my arms, focus on happiness 🙂

It is finally here. One of the best days of the year. So much work, rehearsals, stress, joy times, happiness, everything mixed in one show, one night. The best (aspiring) job in the world.

Yesterday was our ballet concert and we had the best time ❤ I’m going to write everything that happened so it can be recorded and I can later remind miself about these beautiful memories.

I started the day by 6:50 am, had breakfast and went with my mom and Gabriel to take him to school, me and my mom were going to the dentist. He told me I’m going to take the braces off December 9th. SO happy and relieved!

After that, we went buy some stuff my mom needed to the atelier and the we went home. I finished sewing the fabric doll I started doing for the beggining of the show (since I was one of Alice’s sisters/friends). I finished it and started packing the last few things I needed to take to the theatre. I did my bun and had a healthy lunch, I was in the theatre by 13:35.

My teacher hasn’t arrived yet, but the man who’s responsible for the theatre was there some minutes after I arrived. Meanwhile, I was chatting with my friends, we always have a good time together!

We could put all our things at the dressing room, where I let my things pre-organized. At 14:10 my teacher arrived and I had a little warm up while they set everything, so we started rehearsal. We settled things that needed to be fixed and organize everything. The general rehearsal finished by 17:30, it was a little late than expected, but it was fine. We started putting our make up on and getting dressed, since the photography company wanted to take photo of us in our costumes before the beginning of the show.

Everything was fine until I try to put my costume on. The zipper of the dress was too fragil and couldn’t go up or down, my friends tried to close it, but nothing worked. It was 19:00 by then. My teacher saw it and called the seamstress, she then tried to fix the zipper, but, again, nothing worked. She decided to sew it and after the dance finished I was supposed to cut the while thing and give her the dress back, so she can fix it later.

I was the late one, as I was stuck with the dress, so I didn’t appear in almost any group photos we usually take right before the beginning of the show. As soon she finished the dress thing, I took the photos and got ready for the start of the story.

First we had guests from the school/company near here my teacher and friend works and studies on, then we had my friend’s graduation from ballet. She presented Harlequinade Pas de Deux and it was soooooo beautiful. I felt so proud of her! She and her partner go along so well and they look stunning dancing together. Loved it!

Right after that, some tears of her family and my teacher, a lot of proudness of all of us in the aisle, we officially started the show.

The story begins at Alice’s party. Me and my friend (Alice’s friends) are there playing and chatting when Alice’s big sister arrives and invite the children to enter and dance the Polonaise, then we dance and then Alice arrives (with a super cute choreo btw). After that, the big sister fights a bit with her, because she’s kind of late and decides to take a photo of all of us (me, Alice, two girls of the Polonaise), since everybody is in the party. The time freezes as soon as she press the camera button to take the photo. Thee big sis then turn into the White Rabbit and we all do movements in slow motion, Alice gets confused and fall into Wonderland.

Everything went super, I rushed during the whole first act, I was going to dance six choreographies there and one in the second, plus stagings.

Well, not everything went that great, but we managed and then we could do it. It was during Mad Hatter, March Hare and Dormouse choreography. Until the middle of the choreo everything was fine, but then, right after I did some ballonés and went to the Tea Party Table, I had to do some craziness, mix the cups of tea, things like that, while my friend (dormouse) danced with Mad Hatter.

Then, suddenly, I saw our partner running in my direction, which was supposed to mean that it was time to do the diagonal. I thought, for a moment, that I missed the time, then I ran to him and did the diagonal. When we finished it, I heared the music and found out that I haven’t delayed, but he was in advance. I was really confused.

There was a “step” where the Dormouse take our ears as a way of “scolding”, and when that part came, I just walked back, but I realized she wasn’t there. Where the heck she was? I was so so confused. Almost instantly, my partner started whispering steps to me, and I followed him. I jumped when he said to, I made circles in all the pas de bourrée thing, everything he said me to, and it worked! He saved the whole choreography. From the middle until the end of it was pure improvisation.

When we finished it and left the stage, I was like “what happened?”, and he explained to me my friend got hurt and I saw her sitting in the aisle, with my teachers helping her. They took her to the dressing room while I had to quickly change again. I went check how was she. She’s fine now, but she had cramps in her both legs and couldn’t walk, I haven’t even saw when she left the stage. She was so brave! We helped her and she could finish the show, dance during the stagings and everything she had to do. I’m really proud of how courageous she was.

Second act went great. The flamenco that wasn’t going that right during rehearsal went great, my friend, the Red Queen, was stunning, and all went great. I was kind of sad when we reach the end of the show.

I met my family and friends and bought a turnboard in the ballet store outside the theatre. The place was crowded because of the rain and everybody I saw said congratulations to me, my colleagues and people from the audience. I was really happy that everything was so formidable. I also said congratulations to everybody that were there dancing in the show, because each one of them went wonderful and made that time better than could be. A lot of friends that weren’t going to dance the next choreos helped me to change super quickly during the show. They had everything ready just waiting me to get there and help. They were extremely sweet and I’m extremely grateful to all of them ❤

My friend that went there and couldn’t wait until the end said she loved it to my dad, so he could tell me later. I already talked to her and I’m really glad all of them liked!

It was a wonderful day that refreshed the amazing feelings only being on stage dancing can bring. I want to do it for my whole life. 

Hope you have a nice weekend,


Arissa Ayumi


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