Hello hello hello!

I missed writing here and definitely missed reading what I write (yes, I do it a lot).

I had a pretty horrible and also wonderful time this week.

First of all, my dog got sick. Really sick. She had Piometra (don’t know the name of it in English) and she had to do a surgery to remove her uterus, fallopian tubes and ovaries. She did it and we thought she was going to start eating, because she wasn’t for like 5 days and were worried, but she didn’t and we had to intern her at a vet speciallized at it (it is near home) and they started to give her all medicins she needed and give her saline. She really wasn’t good and we were all extremely desesperated and sad about her, she was so fragil.she didn’t wanted to eat yet, so the vet started to give food through a tube that was in going from her nose directly to her stomach.

We and her had an awful time during this week and the it vet and my parents talked and they even decided for sacrifice her if the she got worse. I was devasted.

To resume, she got better and better everyday. I started to get so freaking happy and now she’s home with us. We still had a tough time the first days she returned, because she was feeling sick and didn’t want to eat. She’s all better and happy as always now, I’ll never be thankful enough for that.

Changing subject, the presentation day is getting closer and closer and we are having a lot of rehearsals, general, with everybody dancing together following the program and also single ones, as the pas de trois and the solos. The costumes arrive tuesday and we have a general rehearsal at the theatre today. So excited! I wish I could do it for my whole life. Dancing, having rehearsal, learning choreographies, be in the backstage and dance in theatres, what a dream! That’s the best career I could ever imagine for me.

We were having some troubles with the mom’s, specially the ones from little-not-so-little girls. I mean, I can undertand they are completely lost with a lot of things, because it’s most of their daughters first year or contact with ballet, but they are still too lost with everything. I think it’s getting better now it’s closer to the presentation. One of the mayor problems is that they want to watch rehearsals, even after my teacher said them to not do that, because we all want to be a surprise, since we all have been working really hard for all this happen.

I had to do a lot of things for resentation day and I’m still doing. I still have to buy some makeup that I need and some other stuff. The funniest thing I had to do was dye socks, because I kind of need to cook them, well, I did it twice and worked really well. Now I have the yellow socks I needed.

“cooked” socks

Yesterday I also went to my friend’s house, since it was her birthday and we had a pretty good time. She’s such a good friend and I really miss seeing her more. We are going to see each other next week though, we bought ballet tickets to watch The Nutcracker in the Municipal Theatre. We after discouvered it’s not the traditional one, but a contemporary one created for the Balé da Cidade (I first mistrusted this Nutcracker because Balé da Cidade is a contemporary company). Let’s see how this works.

Hope you have a wonderful week.


Arissa Ayumi

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