When rehearsal goes great


I had the very best rehersal of this year and I’m feeling great! 

I dance about six choreographies this year and it last exactaly 16 days until the presentation day. I’m so so excited ❤

We rehearsaed the pas the trois (me, my friend and our partner – who’s one of the nicest persons ever), the scene where me and the same friend are the friends of Alice (or the older sisters in real life/original book), the flamenco – which I still need to fix some things, the flowers dance and Tweedledee Tweedledum tap choreography. My teacher said one of my expressions got way better than it was and the pas de trois was good. I felt really really relieved, since I’m terrified with the possibity that I mess up the pdt, and it’s such a wonderful choreography, I’ll doing all I can to do it right.

I realize today that I still have a bunch of stuff to do before the show day. I have to finish a basket full of ribbons to the Cupcake tap choreo, sew the ribbons in my ballet slippers, buy a pair of yellow socks for March Hare dance, buy the special paper to make the cards that are going to be the hair accessory in Flamenco and finish the gigante fabric doll I started sewing for the entrance part.

I’m so happy it’s getting there and we are having such a incredible time! This year show will be the best!

Hope you’re doing great!


Arissa Ayumi

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