Surprise party

Cupcakes! Nothing better for the party. yummy!

Today I had a pretty normal day, helping my mom with her works, too exausted all the time due the high temperatures. Besides these, I drove this morning for the second time (yay!) during my class to get the driver’s license. It’s not that difficult, but I still do need a lot of practice.

Well, friday was my dance teacher birthday and I’m extremely grateful to every single thing she already did to me, she’s such an enlightened soul ❤ we -me and all the colleagues and friends from dance school – decided to do a surprise party to her today, on tuesday, as a thank you for having her in our lives and, of course, to celebrate her birthday.

It was funny, because we were all there waiting for her in the dark room, when my friend told her all the students that came to rehearsal had left because just a few really came, the others couldn’t appear for different reasons. My teacher thought it was all too weird and then she was all like “are you serious? you can’t be serious, we need to rehearsal, where’s everybody?” and when she appeared in the room we screamed SURPRISE and some girls throwed that party confetti, which was nice (but also difficult to clean after, doens’t really matter, was fun!), she cried and liked a lot, we all got really happy. We had brought cupcakes (me), cake, finger foods (in a brazilian style, of course) like coxinhas, etc, juices and sodas.

We even had rehearsal after that. We sang happy birthday, chatted a lot, ate a bit and then we rehearsaed.

It was a wonderful day!

Hope you have a happy time, we had ours.


Arissa Ayumi

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