No Summer, not again.


Hello there!

What a hot week! I already feel tired  by the fact summer season is getting closer and closer. 

Let me explain something, here in Brazil, we have exagereted high temperatures, which makes everybody get lazy, sweat all the time and we can’t sleep at all. Oh, the insects! Mosquitos everywhere! Yesterday a cockroach was in my room, I can tell it definitely wasn’t the best situation I’ve experienced.

Nevertheless, most of the people I know LOVE high temperatures and summer. Not my case, I may say. Most because we don’t have an air-conditioner inside the house, which make us suffer a lot during the night.

The thing I like most about summer is the fact that it’s all sunny and I don’t feel like eating oiled or all bad food, also it means another chance to go to the beach! I’m so thankful to live in a country so rich in terms of nature. That’s why we have tons of fresh fruits the whole year, I was eating some of them today. So good!

Today I went to the gym right after finish helping my mother, then we went together, but we had to rush because she had an appointment. Now I’m having some time with my beloved dog and studying Dance Psicology while I do a lot of other stuff together. I’ll finally have a rehearsal today.

Also, we are planning a surprise party tomorrow. I’ll write down how things worked.

Hope you’re having a freshier day than mine,


Arissa Ayumi

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