Hello world!

I had a pretty good sunday, how about you?

I started my day with a think my family calls a “hotel breakfast”, with tapiocas (brazilian recipe) filled with cheese, jam, peanut butter, fruits, or the things we had home, fresh french bread my dad went to buy at the bakery, regular orange juice, and fruits.

We also had blackberries as an extra, since we could buy them yestarday at Liberdade for much less they usually cost, but they were really sour, so my mother made a jam with them.

Today is also local market day for us, so we went to the fair buy fresh fruits and vegetables. The day was lovely, with a pretty blue sky, not so hot, and also not cold at all. I even bought a light pink rosebud – I love to buy flowers there, I’m hoping to make that a habit, fresh flowers makes me happy.

wp-1476031843657.jpgIt doesn’t look sublime?

After that, we had lunch, with a lot of delicious food (we ate A LOT today, for real), and had some fruits and a piece of banana cake my mother made.

I took some of the afternoon to do my research of this opportunity it’s working for me, and I made quite good progress on it, I think it will really work!

It’s sunday, a lazy day, so after I completed my goal and was out home once to go to te fair and had some vitamin D due the sun, I decided to be the laziest possible and spent the rest of the afternoon watching series. Sadly, I’m almost finishing Friends…

I just ate (again). Had a lovely pink smoothie/vitamine with a watermellow, strawberry, papaya, yogurt, banana and seeds, piece of cake with jam and sonho (it’s like a donut with pâtissièr cream).

I’ll finish some stuff and go to sleep, I’m excited to start this new week, with more ballet <3. Hope you have a good night.


Arissa Ayumi


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