Liberdade and freedom

Hello again!

I must say today was a good day, specially because it’s Saturday, which means early ballet rehearsal and pas de deux class.

I started as always, at 6:10 am, had a breakfast with a lot of fruits and then I went to the school. Right after ballet, I went to the gym, another one because ours was closed due an eletricity repair, and left earlier.

My brother had a test for a college today at Liberdade, the eastern neighborhood in São Paulo. We visit this place since we are really young, and I love it, most because of the japanese food and stuff we can find there (offspring reveals itself at these places hehe.) The name itself means literally “freedom”.

We had a great afternoon there. The place was crowded and we visited the stores, bought food, teas, and when my brother returned, we went to this bakery that works kind of like in Japan, it’s a self-service where you choose all the sweets, cakes, brownies and salt breads you want. I choose a walnut, chocolate and sweet milk huge piece of cake, and they had a big chocolate cake and an apple pie. I must say it was too much, because the cake I choose was way too sweet, but it was fine. Nothing that some green tea can’t heal.

Also, I bought a beautiful ceramic bowl I was searching for in a long time (❤).

It’s 22h (10pm) and we are home, just had pizza.


I was thinking… I kind of feel relieved that I’ll live by my own next year. Not because I don’t like my house or my habits and my life there. Everything is so so so great, I love it here and I’ll miss my family terrible much, but the thing I always wondered about was the freedom I wanted to have. I always searched for independece, to do things on my own, to solve problems alone. That’s something almost instinctive and I need that. After all, I’ll return home after college, I just need that experience to have a time with myself, to live on my own.

Hope you have a good night.


Arissa Ayumi.

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