Theoric driving classes: done!

Finally! I finally finished it!

It was nine days of mornings filled with street signs, citizenship rights & duties, environment (or kind of it), mechanics, basic first aids and so on. I’m relieved that it’s done. Now I have to do a driving simulator (total of five days, starting on Monday) and then the theorical test, which I have to have 21 correct answers of 30, and it’s kind of easy. Just after I finish all this, I’ll start to have driving classes. I still have a huge process to do.

I had to change four days of these classes, and I already did all of them. Fortunately, when I changed these days, I found out I was going to do these classes with a friend of  mine. I’ve missed her  so much, it’s such a precious friendship and I’m happy to be able to see her again.

To resume my day, we had a little confraternization to celebrate the end of course in the break – with cakes and differents breads, then, when we finished, I returned home and had lunch earlier. I’m trying to do it often so I don’t feel full during ballet.

Me and my friend were going to have pas de deux rehearsal during afternoon, and I’ve just returned of it. It was great! Not the technique yet, of course, but we’ll keep going. The choreography is great and so our partner, he’s really nice.

I’ll soon go to the gym, so I can keep in shape (Really in need)

Hope you have a good day,


Arissa Ayumi

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