Sunny last day of lectures

Right after a pretty rainy (and cozy) day, I was gifted with a beautiful (and also cozy) sunny day with a blue sky. Actually, I love both, but when the day is warm (but not hot) and with a lazy sun in a endless blue sky, I feel infinite and endless happy.

Today was rush.

I had theorical class in the morning (learning to drive, what a slow process) and finished at 12:10, when I returned home and had lunch. I was going to have a pas de deux rehearsal with my friend and the partner we still don’t know in person, but my teacher said it’s actually going to be tomorrow. In this case, without ballet, I went to the subway then.

I’m always afraid to be in the center of São Paulo, it’s sad how it’s such a beautiful place but still dangerous there. I felt safe when I arrived at the college.

As I said, the day was sublime. I found the classroom and entered to watch the last lectures of VIII European Jorney. All interesting, as always! I’m glad I could register to these lectures in the Law School, I’ve learned so much in these three days! It felt so cozy to look at those old and beautiful windows and see that day…

It was the last day. Sad to say goodbye to the inside of this wonderful building, but glad to not have to take the subway to there for some time now (you have no idea how full it is in rush time).

I also had a night rehearsal and my knee is getting purple due the final position at a choreography. I don’t care, too focused in the choreo to realize that in the moment.

I had a good day, hope you have a good one too!


Arissa Ayumi

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