International Relations previa

Hello there!

Today I started early as always and right after my dad left my brother at school we went to the subway.

Right now I’m the the center of the city, inside one of the most important Law Schools of São Paulo to participate the European Jorney week, where I’ll see some lectures, workshops and so on, everything talking about the general crises in Europe.

We arrived one hour earlier, so my dad and I went to a kiosque to kill time and I got some small books of Cordel literature, which is traditional of the Northwest and I’m actually proud of it. It’s a count written almost as a poem, I read both while I was waiting. He left and I waited until the session start.

Everything is so beautiful and traditional here inside and it’s incredible nice, because besides the great content, we still have foreign and national professors that are working or are experts in the subject and everybody speaks English, some speaks German too (just highlighting it because it’s kind of difficult to see it here in Brazil).

I just had a brunch and since I’m not going to have ballet this afternoon I’ll stay to the other programs. It’s about to start a workshop about environmental problem through public policies and governance. I’ll watch it now.


Arissa Ayumi

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