I finally had a haircut. Yay!

Today I woke up with this beautiful sun in the window and didn’t have theorical driver class, so I went to the gym with my mom in the morning. I worked out for about an hour, training legs, a bit of arm (totally dislike it), aerobic and I stretched as always: splits, oversplits, back, turn out exercises.

After gym, we went straight to the atelier, where we did some sweets to the weekend parties. I received two books from the mail, I orded them from Amazon two days ago and already started reading, both are amazing.

I went home by myself to prepare lunch by 12:10, since my mom had to finish a cake. I had some white rice with black sesame, mushrooms (love it), artichokes, lentils, letuce and kiwi and mini blocks of dark chocolate as desert. Then I went to ballet.

When I arrived there, there was no one and the door was closed. I was sincerely confused and didn’t remember my teacher telling us to come to night class, but apparently she did and my friends texted me aswering that. Well, my bad. Me and my mother went to the supermarket buy some fruits.

I have to leave now to go to English class, we’re going to have test. After that I have flamenco and then ballet – for real that time.

Hope you have a great day!


Arissa Ayumi

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