(Almost) failed road trip

Hey there!

Yesterday me and my family went to a lil road trip, as I had mentioned before. We were supposed to visit Atibaia, a county near São Paulo, where is happening a Strawberry and Flowers Festival.

We were doing some home stuff by the morning, so we left late, by 12h30 pm and had lunch in a kind of “farm” restaurant located around the road. They had a poultry shop there, where beautiful chickens and hems were been sold, as well the cutest ducks. Also, there were a pet shop with cute little dogs. Unfortunately we still don’t have space to have a small lake or a duck, so we just looked.

Also, there were some craft shops, where I bought this beautiful “tiger eye” semi-precious stone. I really consider nature power, as well stones energy. I always had a tiger eye earrings and a necklace when I was a child, and it’s also one of the stones of my zodiac sign, so it’s kind of a important jewel for me.

Back to the actual restaurant place, I ate some delicious pasta with dry romatoes, olives, a bit of rice and fries polentas (just like french fries, but made of corn – I think it’s a brazilian recipe). As dessert, we had French toasts (we call “rabanadas” here), which is basically fried French bread with condensed milk – wonderful!

Well, when we arrived to the Festival, we discovered that the tickets to get in had a great increase and it wasn’t worth just to enter, see the park and buy some plants and strawberries, so we simply returned to where we parked the car and came back to the road.

We stopped in a place we always stop called “Apiário Santo Antônio” and they have delicious portuguese sweets, tarts, pizza and sandwiches. Also, it’s called “Apiário” because they sell honey (of course I bought one). We had some sweets and a coxinha (another brazilian recipe) for my father. Lovely!

We went back home and my parents went to the supermarket to buy groceries and fruits. Even we didn’t get in the festival it was a extremely lovely time spent in the road. (With a super great Spotify playlist I’ve just discovered). We had a great day!

Hope you have a great week.


Arissa Ayumi


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