UN model

Today is finally Saturday aka last day of UN model!

I really don’t know why I haven’t talked about it in my blog, but, to resume, I have studied in this school firstly at 7th until 9th grade, then I changed school and came back again by the equivalent of 11th grade. I made some of my greatest friends there and I met some other really great people.

Every year, in this school, we have a UN model, we go all in social clothes and where we, in pairs, represent a country in a UN committee and debate, have to defend our foreign policity and everything. It can look boring but it’s SO nice! It’s a three day debate, the first two days we discuss during almost 12 hours and in the third day for almost 6 hours.

It’s an amazing experience mostly because we connect with other people, help each other, learn and get confidence to speak in public, learn about countries, policities, develop arguments and so on. It’s definitely one of the best times of the year!
Usually, people start to participate on it when they enter on high school and it’s my second time on this event. This year I went as a guest, because I have already graduated in high school, and I invited a acquaintence that studied in the same class I did and like the debate a lot too. My good friend (also already graduated) from this school and also from ballet was from general directorate and she and all her colleagues invited me to participate. So glad they did ❤

I firstly was Germany in the Security Commite (in 2014) and I won a Honor Mention because of mine and my friend’s “brilliant speechs” (in the UN model directors words!) and this year I was a G-5! We (me and my friend) represented the United Kingdom in the Human Rights Committee. As we were guests, we have to main aim to help the youngers who are starting now, so we don’t receive prizes. I don’t really care, it’s already so much fun to have to opportunity to be there participating one more time!

I wish I could have written here all days, but I was so mentally exausted, specially on the first day, that I couldn’t even think on others stuff to do besides eat, have a bath and sleep soon.

Basically, this year the theme was Drug Traffic, governmnt neglect and their impacts in the society. So, some of the topics that we firstly planned to discuss were death penalty, HIV in the prisons by the use of meth, human trafficking, paramilitary groups and mafia and some more stuff.

I’m certain that we finished the forum sucefully, since we made more than 50 good speeches (the directors of the committee count), we proposed really good proposals/suggestions which a lot of countries agreed, we got the support of great coutries and other experienced guests and a lot of colleagues and nations congratulated us. I’m happy with all our work.

On the second day we finished one hour earlier to have interfórum, which is basically football or handball played between the students, which is great. I didn’t play because of my mouth (which I believe is still a bit fragil due the surgery) and also because I’m so bad with these kinds of sports (in this situaton I don’t really care, because is just for fun). Right after that I went to my friend’s house and I waited her to change, we were going to a kind of famous pub in our neighborhood with some of the people that were in the United Nations Model (I don’t don’t the real number, but we were in something about 20 people). I hung out with them for about 45 min (not sure, more or less) and then left because I was really tired.

It’s always good to hang out with people from this school because we are all relaxed and out of school but we still talk about politics, the things that happened in the UN model, left or right in politics, and some other things related to that, which I appreciate very much. I also had the chance to met some super nice people that used to study with my brother, but I had never talked to them. Really nice people! Also, I’m so glad I could see some good people I haven’t talk for much time and have great talk during the coffee breaks!

We had a great time around 12 pm today, after we had all the official documents approved by the directors and officially finished the committee. We had a “emotional” moment. Nobody actually cried, but was nice, because we, the ex-students, remembered some funny old moments and older forums, adviced the youngers, we were also grateful for that and the invitation and also, the new students told a bit of their experience in general. The dynamic was about throw a line until we could make (“kind of) a mosaic, to people we think that surprised us in some way. (the picture is from another committee, our line was blue, but we don’t have pictures, so that is just to picture how the moment looked like)

I simple adore that nostalgic moment where everybody feel united more than anything else. I’m gonna miss it!

There’s a photo here that shows our committee – that is how it looks like! You can’t see me there, but I’m behind my friend, you can see a bit of my yellow jacket!

Hope you have a great weekend, mine was adorable (I probably will have a road trip tomorrow).

Ps. I’m not angry all the time in the pictures, it’s just focused face, just to let you know haha.


Arissa Ayumi


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