Getting my driver’s licence

Hey there!

This monday completes “officially” one week of driver’s licence theorical classes. With quotation marks because I messed up the first day and missed it, since I sincerely thought the class was going to start by 8:30 am, but it actually starts at 8 am, my bad… I also missed on Tuesday, they closed due a tragedy that happened to a guy who used to work there, super bad news…

So, I actually went three days to these classes, it’s still missing six and then I have to take a theorical test, simulator and finally 20 driving classes, inside the car, with me driving. Just after all that I will have a practical test and will finally be free to really drive. 

I have to say that I’m not very excited about it, but it’s really convinient know how to drive and have this document when you need to drive. Looking forward to finish these classes.

 It’s a 4 hour class everyday (excluding weekends) with topics about traffic laws, Street signs, environment, first-aids, mechanics. Basically all you need to drive. I have 30 min of break, when I have time to be back home and have an yogourt and a fruit, or something like that.

Also, I have some really great news from ballet, which I am very excited and also in doubt. Not going to share yet, but it’s wonderful! 

I had pas de deux class on Saturday, btw. We rewied my friend’s Alice in Wonderland choreography and we started to learn the Harlequinade pas de deux, which is great, because I think it’s a super beautiful and lovely pdd! Looking foward to next classes. 

(Needle challenge is still up and I’m doing tiny, but precious, progress)

Hope you have a wonderful week, I’ll try to do my best about mine.


Arissa Ayumi

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