Campos do Jordão


Yaaaaaay! We finally traveled again by car after long hiatus – we went to Campos do Jordão – a beautiful small city all european-style with a lot of chocolate and fondue everywhere. We go there at least once every year, it’s already a tradition in our family.

Usually, people go there to Winter Festival, a place where you can actually feel cold and a bit of winter, since we don’t have it a lot here. However, we went yesterday and it was 19 to 29ºC (pretty hot), even we are still at winter here (Who cares? Brazil clearly don’t).

The flowers were all open, but most of the trees were out of leaves. We had a great lunch at a beautiful restaurant we had already went before. I had a god caeser salad, hmm.

After that, we went for a walk and to eat sweets and candies, of course. We stopped in a sweet shop right after lunch and my dad and mom had a cheesecake and a “thousand-leaves” (don’t know the name in English). I had a portuguese sweet made with eggs I adore and my brother had some bitter coffee.

We walked a lot and ate a lot too! (So good!) We bought orange cake, hot creamy chocolate, crepes and pamonha (brazilian corn sweet). The weather was so lovely!

When we left, we stopped in the Chinese View they have right after you leave the city to the Road. The sunshine was absolutely gorgeous! A lot of people were there just talking pictures or eating, then leaving, although we decided to just appreciate the view (of course we took photos too, but then we just sat and watched the sky).
We took the road again and stopped in the Leite na Pista – we always stop there – it’s farm-looking café with a lake. They even invested in some recipes with vegan cheese! Dad had some coffee and then we went home. It was an amazing day!

Good night!

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