Mind training


Hello readers and possible future me,

Today is hot and the day started with a beautiful sunrise, as you can see in the image above.

I skipped two days of needle and arabesque week and I’m definitely not proud of it. I had a super busy day at Thursday and I had to go to both dentists on Friday and help my mother by night. Still not a excuse, but I decided to do it because I believe we have to keep ourselves healthy and also avoid overworkout, which was happening. I still worked out and stretched legs during these days.

During this week, I’m also focusing on keep an almost sugar-free life, which has been super hard and, well, didn’t work completely. I decided to put the challenge all to start on monday – when I also start having theorical classes to get my drivers license.

More important than set a training and go without thinking, is to set a plan and train your mind to pursue your goals. A trained mind takes you to your objectives and makes you to avoid excuses or get easily disappointed due lack of motivation or results.

I’m still in the process, but very excited about it.
Hope you have a nice day,

Good night!

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