Day 2

Hey there! 

It’s amazing this feeling after a good ballet class! Don’t you think?

I’ve just returned home after a busy day and it’s so good to be at your safe and comfortable place…

Tuesday! I started my day by 6:37 (when I officially woke up), had breakfast and went to swimming class with my mom. Swimming is always great, but my glasses are so alwful, they are always full of water. Despiste of it, it was awesome.

After that I had a snack with my dad and my mom before we all go to work. Since I didn’t have ballet class in the afternoon, we worked until 13 pm. We had delicious mac&cheese with shiitake and spinach and great fruits as desert. (I’m writing all these details because I feel radiant about this day, such a wonderful time!)

Today was also day 2 of my personal needle and arabesque challenge and I did it. Not sure if it’s better than yesterday, but, in general, I feel more comfortable to do back exercises and more confident. 

Tomorrow I will try to down my hands through my leg, so it get more straight. I’m feeling my legs a bit more, maybe they will be worse tomorrow, let’s see.

I went to gym in the end of the afternoon and my instructor told me I had another exercises serie and I didn’t know that at all! I was all that time doing just aerobic, stretches and abs. I’m glad she told me that! I’ll probably start this new exercises tomorrow. I changed there and went straight to ballet class.

We had a mix of barre, center and stretch, mostly because we are having some theorical lessons about ballet classes and I think it was really nice! Felt great! Thank you teacher!

Super sleepy now! Hope you have a good night

Arissa Ayumi

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