New week, new goals


Yesterday, after I realize again how much it will need to me to be at least a bit good in ballet, I decided to do a hardcore training and do some challenges that will last a week (at minimum).

First of all, I thought about my back and how poor my muscles are there, so I started a needle & arabesque week today. I’m still going to do my regular exercises and gym, but I will also focus in back exercises to achieve my needle and a higher arabesque. I want to review some thing on my diet, having more salad and vegetables than rice or pasta (gladly that will be easy) and eating less sugar and sweets (not so easy). I want to sleep more and drink more water, educate my mind too.

Talking about my day, today I went to the gym and did almost an hour walking, on transport and stretching (splits, middlesplits, frog, some en dehors exercises and oversplits – there’s a bosu ball there and I want to train my balance there so bad!), after that, mom and I went bought some stuff to work on her next party. I didn’t have ballet today – my teacher let us do our theorical work home today.

I also had English class. When I arrived home, I stretched more and finished my first day of needle and arabesque week. I want to track my development during this week here, so here’s a photo of today’s still scorpion:


I need to study some things now.

Hope you’re having a nice day!


Arissa Ayumi

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