Lil messy me

Hey there!

Today was basically a good and a bad day. I woke up by 6 o’clock, did my abs series, had a breakfast and my dad took me to ballet class by 7:45 a.m. I had rehearsal until 10 am and then the seamstress went there the take everybody’s measures. My mother got me there and took me to the gym, where I met Gab and my dad (they were wet because they came by walk and it started raining. Today rained a lot and then stopped for the rest of the day – still cloudy). I walked for 15 min, did some more exercises while I was watching Ritmic Gimnastics at the Olympics in the TV and stretched. No feet work, no balance work, no oversplits.

I just got part of my March Hare choreography and there’s a developpé with a balance that is making me feel disappointed with myself. I mean, I just got back to classes again after surgery, but it’s so bad and my pointe work looks awful, I definitely need to work on that (harder) and I keep forgetting the choreography. All these makes me feel frustated. I need to get better soon. Also, something that got me down today were my fouéttes and arabesque, I was practicing them and filming, when I saw it… Well… They were horrible, for real. I stretch A LOT and work so much in my arabesques, but they don’t improve.

(Just found a video that will probably help, will try and tell here later)

Yeah, psychologically I didn’t feel good and physically too… I’m feeling hungry these past few days. Like, when I have afternoon tea and cake/bread, I don’t feel like I am satistfied, even when I eat enough… I don’t know what’s happening, maybe it’s anxiety (don’t have the anxiety, just the feels) or I’m just tired.

Every time I write I feel better. Thank you!

I have SO MUCH work to do. I have to learn a barre sequence to monday/tuesday/wednesday (idk when we’re going to have class) to our exam, then a tap choreography to friday, a theorical ballet work to August 23th and the March Hare choreography. It’s all ballet and dance so I think it’s fine I’ll be able to do that (trying to boost my confidence here).

Yes, that’s it. That was my day. Probably me and my family will do a lil road trip tomorrow (yay!). Hope you have a good night!

(Just started raining again)


Arissa Ayumi

2 thoughts on “Lil messy me

  1. phoebehelene 22 de August de 2016 / 03:27

    Don’t feel discouraged! As long as you keep working hard and believe in yourself you will be able to accomplish anything you set your mind to.

    Liked by 1 person

    • arissaayumi 22 de August de 2016 / 10:03

      Thank you! That means a lot to me. I already feel better and ready to work more, things like that take time. Wish you luck in your journey and want to read more of your posts! Xx


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