Class with Bruna & Erick


                                                    (Erick,me – my face is still swollen – and Bruna)

Today was a special day!

I went to swimming class in the morning and then my mom drove me to the other side of the city – before it  we passed on the supermarket to buy some fruits and kill some time -because today Bruna Gaglianone and Erick Swolkin (both wonderful brazilian ballet dancers at the Bolshoi in Russia) were going to give a class in partneship with Da Vinci Art Studio. Of course I was there.

It’s so inspiring and amazing when you have to possibility to go to workshops and classes with other teachers – mainly when they’re amazing ballet dancer & from your country.

This tuesday is definitely going to be forever in my memory. The class was brilliant and Bruna and Erick are so nice! I got some corrections from them, what’s always very welcome, some tips about dance, pointe shoes and technique and they even signed my pointe shoes ❤

After the class, I gave an interview to RedeTV, a brazilian tv channel, about the class and the project the Da Vinci Studio have with children. It was fast – 3 small questions – but I wanted to say something and couldn’t find the word and I’m  a bit swollen yet and my voice is still kind of weird. Anyway, I could do it and have no ideia when they will broadcast it.

Erick and Bruna presented the pas de deux of Le Corsaire and it was spetacular. When I watched, I felt delighted, my heart was enchanted and by that point, I was refreshed and motivated by the ideia to work harder than I do to become a ballerina. That’s definitely what I want to do for life. I know it’s pretty sure just a dream and everything, but I don’t know why, against all the odd, against all logic, I still hope (not my quote, but I idetify myself a lot with it).

I kind of made some friends there and had this amazing class with wonderful ballet dancers, so I finished my morning feeling happy and complete. We didn’t had ballet in the afternoon because someone hit my teacher’s car (which is always pretty bad), my mom and I returned home, had a late lunch and Gab and I went to the gym for an hour. After that I went to ballet (by 19h or 7pm) and had some class and rehearsal. While the others were having rehearsal, I was doing some en dehors exercises (the reason why my hips are super sore right now).


That was my day. Filled with happiness! Loved today so much!

Good night!

Arissa Ayumi

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