50 facts about me

I have always wanted to make this list and I just thought the blog was just the perfect place to post it! I’ll write about these 50 things that I do or just things about my personality, so you can know me better!
1. My name is Arissa, I have a middle name – Ayumi, and two last names;

2. I don’t like to wake up early, but I love to be awake early. Makes the day much more productive!

3. I am vegetarian since the beginning of this year, and  I’ve never actually liked the taste of meat (or chicken, or fish – I was just used to ate raw salmon in japanese food);

4. I love classical and pop music. And I love Chopin;

5. My favourite ballet is The Lady of the Camélias and I have a lot of reasons to love it;

6. I used to hate the Swan Lake in the beginning, but I started really enjoying the music and the choreography in the past few months;

7. I dream to work as a ballerina, but I’ll probably be a diplomat, what’s something I also would love to do;

8. I love to travel and know other cultures;

9. I have already traveled to eight countries with my family and we want to know a lot more;

10. I want to study International Relations abroad;

11. When I was in High School, I changed school three times (each year in a different school) and I think that helped me to grow in some way.

12. I’m a language autodidact  and I speak Portuguese fluently (my mother tongue), English (not going to say fluently because I know I still can learn a lot – but advanced), I know French pretty well (love this idiom <3) and I can read hiragana, katakana (Japanese) and a bit of cirilic (Russian). I’m currently learning German by myself.

13. I adore art.

14. I absolutely love sweets.

15. I have chronical migraine (and some kind of eye sensibility, because I can’t see the cell phone screen in the morning that I automatically got strong headache);

16. I’ve always been shy and I have always hated it. I’ve improved a lot nowadays comparing to the child me.

17. I enjoy musicals a lot.

18. Reading is the best! I like to read pratically any kinds of books;

19. I’ve already wanted to be a veterinarian, a marine biologist, the owner of a café, a history teacher, study Marketing, but I finally found what I would love to study in college (I.R.);

20. I’ve already done four surgeries;

21. I have three big regrets in my life;

22. I’m passionated about Disney;

23. My favourite flowers are Camélias (not because of the ballet), Sakuras, Roses and Jasmines;

24. I like to have some time to myself and sometimes I close myself from people and the world. It’s nothing personal, I just love to have a time to me and my thoughts.

25. I do not believe in destiny, I think we are resposible for our lives and actions;

26. I love kind people;

27. I’ve studied piano for 4 years when I was a child but I didn’t liked it. In 2013 I started to study violin and I loved it! I did for a year and a half when I had to stop – because I entered in a professional ballet school and didn’t had the time;

28. People always tell me I’m a extremely good writer. I took the National Exams three times (two for training and the last one to use to University) and I never got less than score 900 for the essay (the max. is 1000). First year: 900, Second year: 980, Third year: 940 (!). I’m very proud of it!

29. I believe in the feminist moviment and I don’t consider myself as a lefty in politics, but not a completely right-side too;

30. I’ve learned karate for four years and I met wonderful people and made amazing friends there. I was the next black belt (I was in brown belt), but I had to stop due the lack of time.

31. I struggle doing fouettés in ballet – like, a lot;

32. Stretching and working out are things I love to do. I feel so fresh and alive when I exercise;

33. I really want to learn to drink more water. The only thing I drink almost frightfully much since I’m a baby is tea (and love it);

34. For me, spending time in nature is one of the best ways to spend your time;

35. I enjoy Youtube and I love Joy Womack videos (she’s a ballerina);

36. We are four people in my family: Me, my brother, mom and dad, also my two cute dogs;

37. I love winter, cold and a beautiful blue sky;

38. Optimism is fundamental;

39. I love ballet (in case you haven’t noticed yet);

40. I plan to live in a house with a huge garden in some country in Europe;

41. I think ducks are the cutests;

42. I care a lot about worldwide hunger, poverty, peace, people living in the middle of war and I wish people could look to that more often and say: “that doesn’t make sense. We shouldn’t be here hatting each other. Stop it.” I mean, we have such small time to live. Why we don’t share and don’t care?;

43. I like typography and I like feeling motivated by the phrases with typograph;

44. I adore buying fresh fruits, seeds, dry fruits and healthy foods in general. I feel happy and fresh!

45. I like almost all people in the first sigh, unless they prove me wrong;

46. I love nature so so much;

47. I hate being rushed;

48. I really don’t know why, but statues, scultures abandoned under the Sea and church images always scare me so much;

49. I like some things done in the old way: send letters instead of instant messages, face to face meetings, CDs, happy birthday calls, they all seem so much more human to me;

50. I just love life so much that sometimes I feel extremely anxious with the fact time is passing fast.

That’s a bit of me. Hope you have a great day and an amazing week!


Arissa Ayumi





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