Father’s day

Hey there!

Today’s Father’s Day in Brazil and we gave my dad a gym tshirt as a gift, but he deserves so much more, it’s just difficult to choose something to give to him. We love you so very much dad ❤

Today we started at 9 am with our regular breakfast and then our normal activities in the morning, like do the dishes, brush the teeth and things like that. My mom had an order to leave at a  client’s house that consisted in a huge cake and 300 party sweets, my dad went with her.

In their back we went to the local market (Ga stayed home) and shopped our weekly fruits and then we went to this Italian shop where they sell pasta and Italian and Portuguese sweets, Italian food in general, and got me a delicious pasta with brie and damascus. It’s so hot today! I have been living here my whole life and still don’t get how the weather changes that much here, like, yesterday I was on blankets and all day wearing a jacket, today it’s all sunny (hot sunny) and 29/30 ºC. Anyway, I like to buy fruits, vegetables, healthy food.. I feel so fresh and happy!

(I wanted so bad to take some photos  of the local market to make a record and remember these days to when I be living in Portugal, but don’t like to take my cellphone in crowd places)

We are on our way to my grandma’s house to have lunch there and prepare a “dark Forest” cake to celebrate Father’s Day.

Hope you have a great day and happy Father’s Day to all good Father’s out there! 


Arissa Ayumi 

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