Sweet Maniac

Yes, I adore sweets. Yes, my mother’s little company is a cake/sweet atelier. Yes, I work with her. And yes, I can take sweets leftovers home!

I am mad about chocolate, sweet milk, condensced milk, strawberry mousse and so on. And I see it pretty much everyday, because of my temporary work with my mom in her atelier, and I can tell you I don’t get tired of eating them, like never.

Something about this kind of job combined with some craziness with cakes, fruits, chocolate and all these delicious things is that you kind of learn to control yourself more and – as a healthy food enthusiast that I am – you become more conscious about all the sugar you can’t keep eating all the time. But, yes, I have some sugar crises sometimes and I really need to eat something sweet, what don’t usually happen with me when we talk about salty foods.

Another thing I’ve been learning is to eat consciously and tasty guilty-free recipes. (if anyone is interested about avocado chocolate mousse, bananas ice-cream, cookies made with banana and oat, açai bowls, vitamins and these kind of stuff, please let me know and I’ll post it).

For this moment, let’s just appreciate this amazing chocolate and strawberry naked cake my mom just made for a client (covered with brigadeiros – tradicional brazilian sweet). YUMMY!



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