Working in a party ‘day

Today was messy and we rushed a lot – like almost all days when my mother has parties to work on.

I woke up late (around 9 am) and I had a healthy breakfast – exactly the same I have everyday: a vitamin, natural and fresh orange juice, a cup of water and a loaf of bread. Then I went to my mom’s atelier to help her.

Her assistent was already there and they were working on all the sweets and mini cakes that were needed. I started helping them and it was already 2 pm when we decided I was going to back home to take my brother to have lunch in a restaurant near home.

Since I still can’t eat solid food – because of my recovery, we went to the restaurant and we bought food for my mom and my brother and then returned. I gave mom her lunch and I made a soup for me while my bro was eating. Then I had some minutes of rest and returned to the atelier, talking all the things we needed to finish with me.

The part when we have to put everything in the car and then drive to the party local is always a nightmare. Seriously, the streets are so irregular and we have a lot to take care of. Then we finally arrived to the party house – the ‘buffet’, and helped the employees responsible for the table. It was fun and everything ended fine. Now we are having some tea and finishing to clean the kitchen.

I’m probably going to finish my day with some exercises and watching the opening of the Olympics games!

Hope you are having a nice time!


Arissa Ayumi

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